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5 News Release Templates & Examples

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I have curated a list of 5 news release templates & examples created by professional PR writers at PR Distribution Inc. You can learn how to write a perfect news release for any story or news you have to share while targeting the different audiences.  No matter what story or news you have to tell, […]

Press Release Distribution

Free Press Release Distribution Sounds Great. But Does It Work?

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If you ever wonder why some companies are offering free press release distribution service while some are charging hundreds or even thousands for the same service, this article is for you. Press release distribution helps to generate brand awareness and trust among the target community. It also offers SEO benefits by creating backlinks to the […]


Free Press Release – Is it Even Worth Publishing?

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Unless you are living under the rock, you must have heard about press release distribution and its countless benefits. PR Distribution is no doubt, one of the reliable ways to reach out to the wider audience and access potential customers, but many businesses shy away from these for several reasons.  The first is they assume […]


Sample Press Release – Do’s and Don’ts of Press Release Distribution

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In this article, I’m going to show you a few well-written press releases. From these real-world examples, you can learn what to do and what not to do while writing a press release. Through these sample press releases, you can learn some of the best press release writing practices to attract the attention of media […]


How to Write an Effective Event Press Release for Free Publicity?

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Do you have a great event and story to share with the world? You also want the media and journalists to cover your event press release but don’t know how to approach them or unsure if they would even care about it?  The most tested way to approach media outlets and get free publicity is […]


News Release Examples

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Did you ever feel stuck while writing an official statement from your business? Writing a press release that gets some attention and shares from the internet community isn’t easy. A press release is an official statement coming directly from the business and it needs to be as authentic as possible. Business owners often get confused […]


Writing and Distributing Mining Press Release

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If you own a mining company and have some newsworthy story to share, probably writing and distributing a mining press release is a better route to approach than relying on Government Committees. It could be regarding the audited financial statement, securing a new site for mining, or merger/agreement with a new company.  The press release […]


How to write a Book Press Release that actually makes people buy your book?

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Do you know that you can get your book featured in famous media outlets like NBC, CBS, FOX, Yahoo News, Google News, and Big News, etc. with a book press release?  Thanks to the modern-age Press Release Distribution, you can get featured in hundreds or even thousands of news outlets, journals, and blogs with little […]


Best Press Release Checklist Provided By PR Distribution™

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A successful press release distribution takes lots of hard work, communication, and relationship-building skills. But most importantly, a press release should be well-written and newsworthy for journalists to read or share. It should also be interesting, engaging, and informative for the potential audience without any technical or business jargon beyond their understanding.  Hiring a good […]

Media Outlets

How Do I Get Content For My News Website?

Let me share my perspective as the CEO of PR Distribution™ and as someone whose operated several news websites in the past that monetized using Google Adsense. My response will make a few assumptions about your goal: You will be using the content as your source (and make sure you cite the source), and not […]