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Maximum PR Coverage, But Pay Just Half?

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Yes, that is correct. We will share how you can gain maximum coverage with your press release distribution, but pay only half the price for it. Ready?  Let’s break down our claim. Maximum Coverage 🚀: Our Multi-Wire Concierge PR Distribution core plan provides maximum PR coverage, which will help establish domain authority, social proof, SEO […]

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How Small Businesses & Enterprise Customers Can Benefit From Targeted Media Outreach

Today, it is impossible to discuss marketing or even any one aspect of it without talking about media outreach. In fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that both of them go hand in hand. As someone who is just getting started on marketing either a product, service, or idea without having much experience with […]

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How Do I Get Content For My News Website?

Let me share my perspective as the CEO of PR Distribution™ and as someone whose operated several news websites in the past that monetized using Google Adsense. My response will make a few assumptions about your goal: You will be using the content as your source (and make sure you cite the source), and not […]