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Sample Press Release Distribution Reports

Browse our sample press release distribution reports, so you can get a better idea of the excellent product quality behind the PR Distribution™ brand and the efforts our team puts into each of our services. Multi-Wire Max PR Distribution™ (Maximum Coverage) Headline: Syntekabio (KOSDAQ_226330.KQ) Presents Neoantigen Prediction Technology at Cancer Immunotherapy Conference CICON22 Press Release […]

Announcements, Press Release Distribution, Press Release Distribution Services

PR Distribution™ Awarded G2 High Performer Winter 2022 Recognition in Press Release Distribution Services Category

PR Distribution™ has offered high quality press release distribution services to thousands of businesses, startups, projects, brands and organizations. We are happy to announce that G2 has awarded us with the High Performer Winter 2022 recognition in the Press Release Distribution Services category. Here are just a few of the things our customers have to […]

Announcements, Press Release Distribution, Press Release Distribution Services

Shopify Mentions PR Distribution™ “How to Submit and Distribute Your Press Release”

Shopify is an ecommerce platform trusted by over a million business owners, retailers, entrepreneurs and startups. According to Backlinko, 1.75 million merchants sell their products through using Shopify for their ecommerce software, generating over $119.58 billion in transactions facilitated by the platform. Shopify launched an article titled “How to Write a Press Release That Journalists […]

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Maximum PR Coverage, But Pay Just Half?

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Yes, that is correct. We will share how you can gain maximum coverage with your press release distribution, but pay only half the price for it. Ready?  Let’s break down our claim. Maximum Coverage 🚀: Our Multi-Wire Concierge PR Distribution core plan provides maximum PR coverage, which will help establish domain authority, social proof, SEO […]

Announcements, Press Release Distribution, Press Release Distribution Services

Browser Push Notifications: Resubscribe Required

We are excited to announce that we have switched to PushEngage for our push notification communications with our customers, followers and subscribers.  However, you will need to resubscribe, in order to continue to get flash deals, exclusive discounts/offers and statistical insights that will give you a strategic competitive advantage! Don’t worry. It is easy. Just 2 steps. […]

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Migrated to PushEngage for Push Notifications

Communication is the key to any fruitful, long lasting business relationship. That is why we stay in constant communication with our customers through email, support tickets, live chat, and push notifications. That said, we have migrated away from PushCrew, which has gone downhill since their acquisition via VWO, formerly Visual Website Optimizer. We are happy […]


PR Distribution™ Upgraded to LiteSpeed and MariaDB 10.x Cluster

While many of our competitors focus just on marketing, we here at PR Distribution™ are obsessed with perfecting our technology so it not only works, but gets better overtime.​ If you have followed us from the earlier days, you will notice our News section went from a handful of simple categories to a comprehensive News […]

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Commercial Space Race & Press Release Announcements

Porsche SE, the family holdings group that controls Volkswagen Group, which owns Porsche and Volkswagen, have invested into German space startup Isar Aerospace, following the space endeavors of SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin. The promise of civilian space tourism seems around the corner. Some people have speculated of an even more excitement in the […]

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PR Distribution™ Crypto Wallet Addresses

PR Distribution™ is now taking crypto—we are accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, USD Coin and Tether tokens for press release distribution. Pay Using Crypto If you’d like to make a payment for PR Distribution™ using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, USD Coin or Tether, simply: Go to Select a plan, click ‘Order Now’ and add any Addon […]