PR Distribution™ Upgraded to LiteSpeed and MariaDB 10.x Cluster

While many of our competitors focus just on marketing, we here at PR Distribution™ are obsessed with perfecting our technology so it not only works, but gets better overtime.

If you have followed us from the earlier days, you will notice our News section went from a handful of simple categories to a comprehensive News section with browsing by industry, sector, country, US states and more. Behind the scenes, what made this possible was changing our architecture from a single MySQL database to a MariaDB cluster with load balancing.

Our team at PR Distribution™ plans to expand the utility and usefulness of many sections on our website, including adding additional categorizations to help our customers get more visibility by appearing in more places, as well as help our customers’ potential customers find their PRs more readily on our site. That said, we have made a massive infrastructural change of upgrading to the latest version of MariaDB within our cluster, which offers an array of powerful tools that will help us better reengineer our platform.

Additionally, we have upgraded to the latest version of LiteSpeed Web Server, which is significantly faster than Apache and Nginx. The end result is we can deliver a powerful platform without speed compromises to you.

We hope you enjoy the new performance upgrades on our platform 😊

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