Browser Push Notifications: Resubscribe Required

We are excited to announce that we have switched to PushEngage for our push notification communications with our customers, followers and subscribers. 

However, you will need to resubscribe, in order to continue to get flash deals, exclusive discounts/offers and statistical insights that will give you a strategic competitive advantage!

Don’t worry. It is easy. Just 2 steps.

Step 1. Just click on PRD Insights via Push.

Step 2. Click Allow

That is it! 😊

Benefits of PR Distribution™

  1. Increase your sales revenue
  2. Increase your perceived authority from prospective customers
  3. Establish social proof with Charlie Munger’s “Lollapalooza effect” 
  4. Accelerate your SEO and climb up in search engine rankings
  5. Generate Buzz Forever!

We break down these benefits here.

Get on Bloomberg, AP News, Street Insider, Market Watch, Yahoo! Finance (domestic and international), Morningstar, Benzinga; CB)S, ABC, NBC, FOX, CW stations and affiliates; Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, DuckDuckGo, Google News, Bing News, Yahoo News and so many more with PR Distribution™ today! 

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