How to write a Book Press Release that actually makes people buy your book?

book press release distribution

Do you know that you can get your book featured in famous media outlets like NBC, CBS, FOX, Yahoo News, Google News, and Big News, etc. with a book press release? 

Thanks to the modern-age Press Release Distribution, you can get featured in hundreds or even thousands of news outlets, journals, and blogs with little to no effort. It could be your first book or tenth, PR distribution works for authors of every niche imaginable. 

However, the real magic happens when you know how to do it or hire someone who can make it happen for you. Every day millions of people visit search engines, news websites, journals, blogs, and media outlets to search for information and to read the news. Getting mentioned by these news sources can be a game-changer for your sales metric and authority. 

Why do journalists even care about your book press release? 

In the old days, when the news was only printed in paper format, journalists and editors had limited space to fit a story. However, with the digital revolution, news outlets have unlimited space to cover. 

So, what does it mean for you as a writer of a book? 

Simply put, any legitimate news is better than no news. So, if you can craft a newsworthy story that grabs a journalist’s attention, and convince them that the news release might be of any interest to their audience, then you have just got the grail of free publicity and backlinks. 

A book press release is a great way to reach out to your target community and showcase what your book has, how it can educate, entertain, or even change their lives for better. It is the idea of selling your book by putting the information in front of people who could be your potential buyers but didn’t know about you or your book.  

What makes a great press release? 

You might be thinking that it shouldn’t be hard for you to communicate the importance of your book and how it might add value to your reader’s life. 

But it is not as easy it sounds. Writing a book press release is nothing like writing a book or a blog post. With a press release, you are addressing the journalist and prospective buyer at the same time.  To craft a well-written press release you should know that it has to be newsworthy and follow simple rules to craft a news release. 

5 Tips to write a newsworthy Book Press Release

Here are a few tips for anyone interested in writing a book press release. 

  1. Decide your target audience. The first thing you want to do even before you start writing your book press release is to determine who you want to read your book? Who might be interested to know when your book is available? Who is interested in the content of the book? And would be willing to pay for it? 
  2. Create a great headline to hook your audience. Remember, the title of the book isn’t the title of your news you want to share with the world. Use active voice to make it more powerful and interesting for readers.
  3. Make the first paragraph of your news release impactful and engaging as possible. Use keywords and backlinks to your landing page or sales page. Keep it concise and focused, to improve your chances of getting picked up by media outlets. 
  4. Answers the who, what, when, where, and why in the rest of the paragraphs. For example, who is the author? What he is trying to say? When will the book be available? From where the readers can buy the book? And why should you buy it? Use facts or quotes from the book to make it more informative and authentic. 
  5. The press release is nothing like a sales pitch. So, keep the sales-keywords out of the content. But, you can always use the space at the end of the news release to include the purchase link.  

Book Press Release Examples

A poorly-written news release can do more harm than good. So, be careful when you write a news release to be published on thousands of news outlets. Here is an example of a Real Book Press Release for you to follow and learn. 

Here is another good example of a Book Press Release which accomplishes all things mentioned above effectively. 

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