Sample Press Release – Do’s and Don’ts of Press Release Distribution

press release examples

In this article, I’m going to show you a few well-written press releases. From these real-world examples, you can learn what to do and what not to do while writing a press release. Through these sample press releases, you can learn some of the best press release writing practices to attract the attention of media outlets and journalists.

1. Technology Press Release Example

Launching a new App

The following technology press release example announces the launching of a new web-based application. It starts with the introduction of the company and its new app. In the following paragraphs, it mentions a quote from the Director of Permit Coordination and Zoning Enforcement Officer in Connecticut which makes the copyright more authentic and professional. 

“We are grateful we had all key departments integrated and working on a single application so we could keep our City on track through Covid-19 and accelerate reopening safely,” says Sean Hearty, Director of Permit Coordination. 

In the rest of the press release, it explains the enhancements this app offers, such as new service areas, integration, reporting facility, template store, and ability to run multiple government utility billing solutions. 

The above press release hasn’t left any black spaces for the readers to wonder and provides great detail on the app working, and why you need it. This press release is 800+ words that are unusual but okay. When it comes to writing a news release, you shouldn’t leave any information just for the sake of word count. 

2. Event Press Release Example

Announcing an upcoming Event

The following event press release example announces a virtual event by the IVFbabble, the online magazine, and support portal for the “trying to conceive” community. The press release clearly indicates the event, why it is being conducted virtually, and who should attend it. 

The press release also includes the quote by co-founder Tracy to give it a more authentic feel, “Our aim is to make sure people who are trying to conceive are armed with as much support information and guidance as possible to help them make informed choices and decisions.”

The last paragraph of the press release contains contact details such as email, event web page URL, and the registration link. 

3. Pharmaceutical Press Release Example

Announcing a new product

The pharmaceutical press release starts with the problem that the company is trying to solve with its new disinfect solution. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, each community is facing a struggle to get the cleaning and sanitizing solutions. The company has introduced two kinds of natural cleaning agents: a surface cleaner and a sanitizer. 

The rest of the paragraph explains how these cleaning agents work by adding the quote from the Vice President of the company. 

“My favorite thing about the solutions we use in the Total Coverage 360 program is that they are safe enough to use multiple times a day and in all areas of the community, yet very effective,” added Barbieri. “Not every cleaning product can say that.”

The last paragraph introduces the company and offers the official website URL for the readers interested to know more about the products or company.

4. Real Estate Press Release Example

Announcing a policy for the residents

The press release doesn’t have to be two pages long and the above real estate press release is a great example of a concise and focused copy. The news release is for TenTen Wilshire residents and encourages all residents to follow simple rules to protect themselves and others from coronavirus.  

The rules are listed in bullet format and clearly explains what residents should do to avoid the virus. The last paragraph of the news release introduces the real estate and its amenities like high-speed internet, premium cable, local phone, private gym with health spa, and the award-winning TENTEN Wilshire rooftop. This gorgeous rooftop offers tenants and guests breath-taking panoramic views of Los Angeles, along with a rooftop pool, Jacuzzi, lounge, fire pits, and BBQ areas which makes it one of the best places to live if you are in Los Angeles.

5. Legal Press Release Example

A new hiring in the law firm

The above legal press release is a great example of simple news of new hiring in a company. The press release starts with the news and then it shares the excitement of the Managing Partner in his words. 

The news release goes on with the introduction of his professional career and what makes him a perfect fit for the vacancy. In the end, the news release offers the link to Bryan’s full professional profile and an opportunity to interact with him. 


I have listed five real-time press release samples for you to learn and write a news release that perfectly describes your story. If you want us to write a press release for you, please visit our order page or visit PR Distribution pricing and packages page