How to Write an Effective Event Press Release for Free Publicity?

event press release

Do you have a great event and story to share with the world? You also want the media and journalists to cover your event press release but don’t know how to approach them or unsure if they would even care about it?  The most tested way to approach media outlets and get free publicity is distributing press releases and letting the media know about your event. 

What is a Press Release?

An event press release is a simple way to announce an event through media outlets. It follows the same format as a regular press release. An event press release should contain all necessary detail of the event including who is organizing the event, who should attend, what the event will be about, where, and when it is being held. 

Why should you send an event press release? 

An event is completely newsworthy and a perfect opportunity to tell people about your business and its core vision. Businesses of all sizes use media outlets to achieve some free publicity and attention from the targeted community. Some common reasons for distributing a press release include:

  1. To get media coverage for your event
  2. To build your event’s authority and get some endorsements from media outlets
  3. To establish your business as an authority in its niche and create more brand awareness
  4. To generate more backlinks and traffic source from trusted media sites to your event page
  5. To promote your event without spending too much on marketing campaigns
  6. To tell you about your event as many people as possible
  7. To sell event tickets and generate sales leads

What makes a good event press release? 

Every good press release has a few important common elements:

  1. It’s focused on the news and typically written in the third-person
  2. It’s written in third-person 
  3. It includes a headline, subheading, the first paragraph(also known as a lead), and answers necessary questions.

How to write an event press release? 

Writing an event press release could be exciting, even if you know that you won’t be attending it. The press release can move the readers to take action and buy the ticket to fill in an empty chair at even. 

With event press releases, it’s important not to miss the crucial details which will allow the readers to decide and attend your event. Whether you are hosting a private event, a concert, a fundraiser, or a festival, you need to identify the target audience and purpose of the event. 

Other than PR writing basics, follow these best practices to write an event press release that stands out. 

  1. Use a catchy headline while keeping the target audience in your mind
  2. Don’t forget to mention the hostname or business conducting the event
  3. Clearly explain the attendance requirements, fee, registration URL, if any
  4. Add Event logo, date, place, etc
  5. Give the concise purpose of the event in the first paragraph
  6. Provide important information in the rest of the paragraphs such as event name, who should attend this, location, date, time, duration, fee, ticket price, how to purchase ticket and reserve the seat
  7. Add quotes from the organizers, sponsors, or speakers
  8. Include contact information for anyone interested in more information

When should you send an event press release? 

An event press release is time-sensitive, which means it should be released before 7 to 10 days if you are looking for pre-event publicity. You should insert “for immediate release” in the upper left-hand corner followed by necessary contact information offline or online. You can also include the company’s logo. The even data itself is timely, and therefore newsworthy. 

Distributing a press release too early or too late isn’t useful. The information should be available as soon as possible while the event is happening soon. 

Event press release examples 

You just can’t announce your event and expect people to gather around. You should come up with some “hook” that makes the event especially newsworthy. For example, rather than just talking about fundraising events, tell the reader more about its possible impact on society, any special guests invited, or beneficiary to keep it more interesting. 

Here are a few examples of great event press releases.

Event Press Release Example # 1

New fundraiser aims to help feed the hungry children in the world

This event press release starts with the motivation behind this event. Jeremiah Robinson who discovered hungry and malnourished kids while he was traveling the world. And now he is on a mission to remove hunger and poverty with the help of people who care.

This press release not only uses the “power of words” but also great imagery to motivate people to take some action and help people who need them. 

Event Press Release Example # 2

LearnEASE, LLC Launches Speak to Inspire 5-Day Workshop Online Live Event, May 11-15, 2020

This event press release is a great example of how you can use press release distribution to promote a workshop or live event. The business LearnEase, LLC decided to launch a 5-day workshop to teach communication skills. 

As the press release stated, 

The workshop stresses the importance of “ditching the pitch” in order to be deeply authentic and therefore a more compelling speaker.  Workshop sessions will include the four (4) critical stages, creating your structure, inspiring transformation, and the six (6) core skills of a visionary leader. The last session will be a private zoom meeting to strategize on implementation. 

The press release also offers an introduction to the speaker Diahana Barnes and her credibility on delivering this workshop.

Event Press Release Example # 3

A different kind of Fundraising Event Press release

The press release states, 

“The Run, Walk & Roll 5K participants may have an opportunity to meet the Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Lamar Jackson, Po the mascot, the Ravens cheerleaders, and band. This event is open for everyone: competitive runners, walkers, strollers, joggers, children, and families.”

This clearly helps readers to decide whether they should participate in this event or not. 

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