Best Press Release Checklist Provided By PR Distribution™

press release checklist

A successful press release distribution takes lots of hard work, communication, and relationship-building skills. But most importantly, a press release should be well-written and newsworthy for journalists to read or share. It should also be interesting, engaging, and informative for the potential audience without any technical or business jargon beyond their understanding. 

Hiring a good press release distribution service such as PR Distribution Inc. can make the whole press release writing and distribution process smooth and hassle-free. PR Distribution Inc. is one of the best press release distribution services working in the US for almost two decades now. 

We have been helping small business owners to extend their outreach and generate new sales leads by getting these businesses in front of prospective customers. We offer reasonable pricing packages for small business owners and startups who find it hard to spend too much on marketing.  

If you like to write the press release yourself, we also have a distribution-only package.  However, writing a news release isn’t the same as writing a blog post or article. You need to learn journalistic writing style and SEO to write a press release. And then there are a few things you need to care for if you want your press release to be read and shared. 

To help our customers, we have designed a simplified list of necessary elements that if followed, ensures a high-quality newsworthy press release. 

The press release checklist contains almost 22 points with detailed explanations and examples for a newbie to understand and learn the art of press release writing in a short amount of time. Some of these points are –

  • Does your press release have an interesting heading or subject line for a pitch? 
  • Does your press release include location, date, company logo, subheading, etc? 
  • Have your first paragraph summarized the news you want to cover? 
  • Have your rest of the paragraph elaborated on the information adequately? 
  • Have your press releases covered the URLs and use anchor text correctly? 
  • Have you proofread the news release and checked for grammar and spelling mistakes? 
  • Does your news release encourage the audience to some action? 
  • Is your press release long enough? 
  • Have you included images or videos in the release? 

And so much more for you to review and learn from

You can download the complete press release checklist in PDF format from the official website.