Writing and Distributing Mining Press Release

mining press release

If you own a mining company and have some newsworthy story to share, probably writing and distributing a mining press release is a better route to approach than relying on Government Committees. It could be regarding the audited financial statement, securing a new site for mining, or merger/agreement with a new company. 

The press release distribution could be a great way to position yourself as an authority and provide value for your stockholders. An online press release is different than a blog post or article. It can be submitted to many news websites, blogs, journals, or media outlets on the internet. 

So, how do you write a good mining press release? 

Writing a press release for the mining industry isn’t much different than writing a press release for any other niche. You have to keep it SEO-optimized and properly formatted. Usually, journalists and editors are busy people and they have no time to check for grammatical or formatting problems in your news content. 

The best approach is to get it done by a professional PR writer so you have a well-written and news-worthy piece of content. That’s how you also increase the chances of getting your news release to be accepted by the media outlets and journalists. 

Tips to write a good Mining Press Release

If you still want to learn about PR writing, here are a few tips for you to consider. 

Start with your target audience. You should know who you are targeting? Is it for shareholders, analysts, mining industry, or customers? Your current shareholders are important but getting new ones is also vital. 

I have already stressed this, but keep engineers or office staff from writing your news release. You need marketers, professional PR writers, or someone with knowledge of PR writing and SEO to craft a news release for you. 

Keep the language simple and understandable for the everyday person. Remember, you are writing a press release to have an extended outreach and public visibility. 

Include the relevant facts and figures; at least the one that makes it more authentic or useful. For example, if it’s about drill results, include what did you find and how much. Your readership might need simple and quick figures about your drill results. 

Make your first paragraph keyword-rich and concise. Add more detail in the rest of the news release. 

You can include the link to your website, information about your company, or anything of interest for your stockholders. This brings you more traffic and backlinks for free. 

A mining press release is a great marketing strategy to get your news to your potential shareholders at a very little cost. To get everything done by professionals, check our PR distribution pricing and packages. You can upload your press release from our order page. 

Don’t forget to check the PR writing option at the checkout and we will distribute your mining press release to all the major news outlets, journals, blogs, and search engine news pages according to the package you select.