News Release Examples

news release example

Did you ever feel stuck while writing an official statement from your business? Writing a press release that gets some attention and shares from the internet community isn’t easy. A press release is an official statement coming directly from the business and it needs to be as authentic as possible.

Business owners often get confused and want to know what’s newsworthy? When they should try to get the media coverage in the media outlets? or should they even send a press release? So, here is your answer.

When and Why you should send Press Release?

In this article, I have listed 5 different situations where you should write a news release to communicate with your stakeholders. 

1. You are announcing a new course or class 

News Release Example – Unblock your Potential with Robert Scheinfield’s Ultimate Freedom Experience

A press release is picked up by journalists when you have something to announce. Like a new course, event, workshop. Writing a news release and distributing it to local media is a great way of reaching out to the prospective students and introducing your course content. 

The following press release is a great example of how you can include all the essential elements of a good educational press release like why you need this course? What is it going to teach you? When will it be available? And how can you get more information about the course? 

2. You are doing something for the community as a Business

News Release Example – South Korea’s HANCOM Group and Naver Business Platform Donate AI Call Center System to Overcome COVID-19

Covid-19 is a tough time, especially for small businesses. South Korea’s HANCOM Group and Naver Business Platform are trying to contribute to society by offering a complete AI call system for free. This is a great deed and it must be reached to as many people as possible. 

Such a required extended outreach can only be possible with press release distribution. This particular news release starts with the news and provides detail in the remaining content. The first paragraph is also known as lead which should contain the most important information. 

3. You have some professional achievement to share with the world

News Release Example – Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgeon Named Top Doctor for 2020

If there is anything good about the internet, it highlights the achievement of people. The headline of the above news release is a great example of using an informative heading or subject line. Being nominated as a top doctor for 2020 conveys the information about Saratoga Springs professionalism and caliber. 

A story like this might attract and help lots of patients in need who want the best doctor for themselves. 

4. Organizing an Event 

News Release Example – Virtual Career Fairs Keeping Job Seekers Connected to Job Openings During COVID-19

COVID-19 has cost too many lives all over the world. But the most unexpected outcome is financial crises we have all to go through due to lockdown restrictions. Many businesses failed to survive through this time and as a result, thousands of people lost their jobs. 

Where COVID-19 changed a lot in the financial hub and the way we used to do business, it also affected the way people used to search for new jobs and give interviews.  

The following press release starts with the context of the news and explains how a virtual career fair platform can make a difference for job seekers and employers at the same time. 

Writing a news release to promote an event makes complete sense. Organizing virtual career fairs is a great initiative for those in need and the news deserves to reach out to as many job seekers as possible. 

5. Announcing a Giveaway or Discount

News Release Example – Trademark Engine gives out $5000 in COVID-19 relief

The heading or subject line of a news release is important and probably the first thing that helps journalists to decide whether they want to read more or not. But sometimes you have more to add. The sub-headings come in handy in a situation where you can add more value just before the first paragraph. 

The following news release is a great example of using heading and subheading to your benefit. The heading of the press release gives us a clear idea that the news is about a business ‘Trademark Engine’ giving out $5,000 to deal with COVID-19 pandemic. The subheading delivers more information about the business and who should read this news release. 


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