5 News Release Templates & Examples

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I have curated a list of 5 news release templates & examples created by professional PR writers at PR Distribution Inc. You can learn how to write a perfect news release for any story or news you have to share while targeting the different audiences. 

No matter what story or news you have to tell, every press release should contain at least the following elements:

The story – This is probably the most important element of any press release. You can have the largest media contact database to pitch your news release, but if you don’t have a story or news to share, the chances are your efforts to highlight your business through press releases might go in vain. 

The headline – While pitching your story to the journalists, you have less than 30 seconds to convince the journalist to read or even open your email pitch. The subject line or the heading of the press release always makes a huge impact on a journalist’s decision to read or trash your email. 

Company information – A short paragraph on your company so readers can know more about your company or services if they have to. 

News Release Templates & Examples 

1. Consumer News Release Template

Do you have a new product announcement to make? How will it help to improve the quality of consumer’s lives? If your product is good enough to make a stir in the consumer market, use it as an opportunity to reach out to more consumers through press and media outlets. 

The following consumer press release example makes it very convenient for the readers to get the information on the product. Rather than using the traditional sentences like ‘we are happy to announce’, or ‘we are introducing’, the press release sticks to the specifics of the product. 

2. Information Technology News Release Template

It could be a new SAAS feature, a new tool, a new service, a discount offer on these, or anything that is newsworthy for the target community. 

The following real-world information technology news release example showcases how you can use the media outlets to spread the news about the extension of your IT services. The first paragraph informs readers about their testing service along with training courses and necessary information like when, how, and from where you can purchase this course. 

3. Accounting News Release Template

Timely financial news can have a great impact on related businesses. Having a press release to share the news with the concerned stakeholder increases the chances of being able to take precise necessary decisions and required actions. 

The following accounting news world press release starts with the introduction of the business, its vision, and the quote of the company’s vice president to increase the authenticity of the press release. The content further explains why and who needs their services and how it helps to streamline the budgeting process for the people of the City of Hercules. 

4. Education News Release Template

The following education press release is a great example of announcing an achievement, a milestone, and acceptance of someone’s contribution to the organization. This press release starts with the information on the significance of the honor being awarded and the location of the award ceremony is being held in case you want to join it. 

The next paragraphs tell more about the person being awarded and her achievements as well as some perspectives of her personal life. 

5. Pharma News Release Template

The following pharma press release is another example of how you can leverage media outlets and press to promote what you have to sell. 

The press release starts with the intro of the company name and further informs readers about the correlation between the COVID-19 treatment and CBD oil. The press release timing is perfect due to the current situation and targets anyone interested to find out about COVID-19 and its possible treatments. 

The news release also included a YouTube video which is a great example of how you can use images or videos to explain the message you want to convey through the press release. 


I have listed 5 press news release templates that perfectly describe the art of modern press release writing containing images, videos, etc. You can learn from these real-time press releases or contact us to write a compelling press release for you. 

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