Retail Press Release

press release distribution

A well-written press release is your admission to the world of positive publicity. It can open the door to coverage by TV stations, newspapers, and industry journals.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most of this unique opportunity.

  • Find a newsworthy topic. If you want the media to take note of your news, make sure it’s something that people will care about. The newsworthiness of your story will serve as the focal point of your entire retail press release, so be sure to articulate why it’s important. A new product, a new location, or a grand opening are all newsworthy topics.
  • Consider your target audience. Remember that retail press releases are written for journalists so keep your tone objective. Make it sound like a news story rather than an advertisement. Avoid excessively technical language; your press release needs to be easy for a layperson to understand.
  • Follow correct press release format. There is an accepted format for the correct writing of retail press releases in order to make it easy for reporters to quickly scan them for relevant information. Format it correctly, with a strong memorable headline, an informative first paragraph, supportive facts and quotes, and a call to action and contact info in your conclusion.
  • Keep it brief. Cover only the basic elements (“who, what, where, when, why and how”) in your retail press release. Ideally it should be no more than one page, and certainly not more than two. Reporters can contact you or visit your website if they want more information.
  • Double and triple check grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Remember that media professionals earn their living by correct and accurate communication. Even the smallest typo will be glaringly obvious to them and may result in an immediate one-way ticket to the Junk Mail folder. Use the spelling and grammar checks available in your word processing program, and ask some friends to help you proofread in case these miss anything.

If you need further help, be sure to check out the numerous tips and samples available on our Resources page. When you’re ready to distribute your press release, head over to our online order page and we will send it out to all the top-tier media networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, Google News, and Bing News) for just $129. A well-written press release can lead to many opportunities and maybe the best investment you make into new products or services

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