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You have tried a variety of tactics to get traffic and conversions on your online store. By now you probably realize that, no matter how great your products are, they don’t “sell themselves.” You have to do a lot of work to publicize them. You have spent a considerable time learning how to incorporate good SEO and social media influence to get the word out about your store and your products. Then you need to have the discipline and dedication to actually carry out these strategies. Even so, you’re still not getting all the traffic that you had hoped for.

One option is to issue an ecommerce press release. But perhaps you wonder if it’s worth it. Your time is valuable, and you have probably heard that press releases don’t always work. You don’t want to put all this effort into writing and distributing a press release only to find out that no one reads it.

But in reality an ecommerce press release is a very cost-effective way to get the right kind of attention for your online store. You simply have to know a few simple rules for crafting and formatting it properly. It also helps to use a quality press release distribution service.

The most important thing to remember is that you need a newsworthy topic for your eCommerce press release. Examples of newsworthy topics include the launch of a new product, an offer of free samples, and awards or acknowledgments. Once you’ve determined the newsworthy edge, use that as the focal point for your entire eCommerce press release. It will dictate what goes into that all-important headline and first paragraph. These components of your press release will need to be strong enough to grab and keep your reader’s attention. Your opening paragraph needs to have all the key details about your news: what is happening and where, as well as the name of your site.

The remainder of your press release should consist of several paragraphs which develop your idea with statistics and quotes. The conclusion will consist of a call to action and accurate contact information.

For more specifics on how to craft an effective press release, check out these tips on how to write a product release press release, an Amazon press release, a retail press release, and the top 10 WooCommerce SEO tips.

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