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5 Reasons Why You Need Press Release Distribution 🤨

With the plethora of digital marketing tools available, why would anybody choose press release distribution? Here are just a few reasons… 1. Increasing your sales: If your customers find your products or services through search engines, PRs have a massive advantage in getting ranked because our media outlets are high in authority. 2. Boost visibility: […]

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How Press Releases Help SEO – Proof Provided!

Whether press releases help SEO or not has been an on-going debate, and we are here to tell you definitively that it does help SEO—without a single doubt. As skeptics speculate, business owners and marketers who understand how to leverage press releases to gain SEO advantages are forging new niches and dominating marketspace in existing industries, and they are making […]

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Will Replacing Content on a Landing Page Hurt SEO?

A landing page is a page designed to convert website traffic into leads or sales. Most people think this is primarily for driving paid traffic, which can be true. However, this is not always the case and you can certainly have a landing page where the lion share of the traffic come from organic search […]