What Are the Types of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is divided into different categories as it is a very broad field. So let’s have a look into some of these techniques:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is a vastly growing field. It refers to the inclusion or indexing of your company, brand, product, or service’s website, in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask.com, etc at higher rankings. SEO is a long term marketing plan. It rewards you with higher web traffic that allows you to get easily accessed by your targeted audience or anyone looking to buy something from your company, no matter in which part of the earth they reside.

Pay Per Click:

Pay per click is another type of Digital Marketing in the form of paid advertisements that helps small businesses or a new startup to appear in higher rankings within a shorter time period. You’ll get higher rankings for your website as long as you pay for the advertisements. The best examples of paid ads are those advertisements that you see on YouTube, Mobile Apps, and Browsers. Google ads are also similar but the only difference is that you have to pay for google ads only when someone clicks on your website.

Press Release:

Press Release is the most popular form of digital marketing among businesses of all kinds and sizes. It is all about sending out a newsworthy article or news story among different news outlets in order to get massive online visibility and web traffic (as doing press releases helps you with SEO as well). All you have to do is to hire the best press release writing and distribution service provider such as PRDistribution.com, Inc.. As compared to other PR companies, this organization is business-friendly due to its affordable pricing. It provides guaranteed publications on different top-rated news outlets such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, AP News, Street Insider, Market Watch, Globe Newswire, and many others in their Multi-Wire Pro and Multi-Wire Concierge plans.