⌚️ Time Hack: Just Email Your Press Release

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

Some of our customers are very busy executives and professionals that are constantly on the go. When one simply does not have the luxury of time, or want to deal with logging into a website and uploading your press release through a form on a computer, you can simply email us the PR via any device, whether it’d be on your phone or tablet.

We launched PR Distribution Express last year.

Here is how it works…

  1. Pay for the PR distribution here: https://www.prdistribution.com/express ⌚️
  2. Email us your PR in whichever format is most convenient for you, whether it’d be copied and pasted into the email body, or attached as a Word Doc or PDF.
  3. We will distribute your PR to the world, and send you a report upon completion 😊

With PR Distribution™ we can help you…

  1. Increase your sales revenue
  2. Increase your perceived authority from prospective customers
  3. Establish social proof with Charlie Munger’s “Lollapalooza effect”
  4. Accelerate your SEO and climb up in search engine rankings
  5. Generate Buzz Forever!

We break down these benefits here.

With PR Distribution™, we help businesses get onto world class media outlets such as Bloomberg, AP News, Street Insider, MarketWatch, Morningstar, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, CenturyLink, Synacor; ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CW stations and affiliates; Google News, Bing News, DuckDuckGo, Telemundo, Tech Times, GeekWeek, VC Post, Business Telegraph and so much more!

PR Distribution™
https://www.prdistribution.com/pricing 🚀

Pay using Crypto(Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, USD Coin and Tether)​
https://www.prdistribution.com/blog/pr-distribution-crypto-wallets/ 🪙