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Recently, Shopify has really taken hold of our digital marketing culture and has become the preferred online shopping platform for people from all walks of life, from budding entrepreneurs to big brand names. But with hundreds of new products appearing on Shopify on a routine basis, it’s difficult to know how to make yours stand out. It’s not enough simply to create an amazing online store; you will have to engage in some promotion and marketing to achieve success.

A Shopify press release is the ideal way to get the ball rolling on that necessary publicity.

Some say that press releases are no longer useful, but this is untrue. The real issue is that the Internet has brought about profound changes in the availability and quality of information, and so a different set of tactics for press release writing is now needed.

For one thing, search engine optimization is a key component to getting your Shopify press release to the attention of reporters and potential consumers. If you have created an online store, chances are you already know a thing or two about good SEO. Use the Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool to find words or phrases with high monthly search volume and interweave these keywords throughout your text.

Of course, good SEO is quite an intricate process and constantly evolving. For the most comprehensive and up-to-date guidelines, you can sign up to receive our free Ebook, How to Dominate Google Search Results Using Press Releases.

After writing your Shopify press release, you will need to distribute it to the right people. Trade journals may be interested in your new product; regional publications may enjoy getting news about a local entrepreneur. It can take a lot of time to network and find the right contacts to be an audience for your Shopify press release. Fortunately, Press Release Jet is able to help with that.

We will distribute your Shopify press release to all the relevant trade and industry journals as well as to local, regional, and national publications. We will also push it out to all the most popular social media platforms, as well as the newsfeeds for Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It will even be distributed to premium news outlets such as ABC, NBC, and FOX. You can get all these services at a cost of just $129, a mere fraction of the price for similar services from our competitors.

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