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If you’ve just started a new business, chances are that you’re always searching for ways to get the word out. You probably have a website and a Facebook page to build publicity. But how do you get people to visit them?

A small business press release could be just the tool you need to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions, as long as it’s done the right way.

The first step is to determine that your story is newsworthy. The launch of a new business is a newsworthy event. Other events to publicize could be a product update, a new service, or a new source of funding. When determining whether or not your story is newsworthy, consider these four factors: impact, timeliness, proximity and name recognition. If your story will affect many people and it’s about a recent event, this will make it newsworthy.

This newsworthy element is the most important thing that reporters look for when deciding whether or not they will cover a story (or even read it). You will need to make sure that your newsworthy angle is apparent in the very beginning, in the headline and the first paragraph.

Make sure that your headline is short, punchy, and clearly shows that you have a newsworthy story. What makes your business unique? What will it do for consumers? How does this service provide something different from any other company? These are things to think about when crafting a headline to grab attention.

Your first paragraph should include the most important details and key information about your new business. Use it to develop the statement you made in your headline. Give the name of your company and of the product or service you are offering. Provide names of key players. Indicate the location of your business too.

The remaining paragraphs of your press release will offer supporting details. Use some data to show that your product or service is solving a problem or filling a need. Provide a quote from a relevant spokesperson to add a human element to your story. Ideally, your writing style should be engaging but objective. Write like a reporter; focus on the facts and write in the third person (“they” instead of “we” or “you”).

At the end of your press release, give accurate contact information and a link to your website.

There is compelling evidence that a small business press release will improve SEO, causing your website to rank higher in searches and increasing traffic and sales conversions.

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