Media Outlet Domain Authority II

Part 4 – Media Outlets Domain Authority and Domain Rank for SEO

In Part 2, we have discussed how Domain Authority and Domain Rank are proxy metrics used by SEOs to analyze the impact of a backlink to your website from Moz and Ahrefs. These are algorithmic rankings from 0 to 100. Any backlinks from a reputable website that have a Domain Authority or Domain Rank of 30+ are good and 50+ are excellent.

PR Distribution™ syndicates to some of the most trusted media outlets around the world with high Domain Authority.

Here are just some of the media outlets along with their SEO metrics that come with our Newswire PR Distribution™ plans and higher. Our Multi-Wire Pro PR Distribution™ plan is the most recommended plan, based on customer satisfaction.

Media OutletDomainDomain AuthorityDomain Rank
AP Newsapnews.com9190
Street Insiderstreetinsider.com8379
AZ Centralazcentral.com8987
Daily Heralddailyherald.com8582
Star Tribunestartribune.com9188
Buffalo Newsbuffalonews.com8082
Last Updated on 8/22/2021

Table of Contents

  1. Breaking Down SEO
  2. Offsite SEO Strategy
  3. Media Outlet Domain Authority
  4. Media Outlet Domain Authority II

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