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Inflation is here. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, within the previous 12 months…

  • Energy (fuel oil, electricity, natural gas) is up by 28.5%
  • Used cars are up by 29.7%
  • Car insurance is up by 16.9%
  • Transportation services is up by 11.2%
  • Furniture and bedding is up by 8.6% 
  • Clothing and apparel is up by 5.6%
  • Physicians/doctors services are up by 4.2%
  • Full service meals (eg. restaurants) are up by 4%
  • Produce (fruits and vegetables) is up by 2.9%

It is no wonder why more and more people are hedging and moving their USD to things such as real property, equities, precious metals and cryptocurrency.

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