7 Essential Rules for Successful Press Release Distribution

press release distribution

The Internet has changed our way of doing business in lots of ways, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our desire to know more about things that are happening around us.

These days, most people prefer to do an adequate amount of research on the products or services they are looking for. According to a survey conducted by Pew, almost 89% of Americans surf at least one of their local news websites.

And it’s not just potential customers or investors who are reading news or press releases. It’s about search engines as well. Press release distribution is merely an authentic form of content marketing. Even search engines consider it a legitimate way of getting high-quality backlinks fast.

1. Understand press release distribution

While many SEO experts and press release writers put effort into writing a search-engine-friendly press release, it isn’t just about SEO. The press release is another great way to build credibility, grow brand awareness, and generate new sales leads. It allows you to get the word out and present the brand’s products or services more authentically.

But to get all the benefits of press release distribution with maximum return on the investment, you have to follow some basic rules.

According to Marion.com, A press release in marketing is when a brand releases a summarized announcement of something they are trying to promote. The hope is that news organizations will want to publish a story about it in their publications.

2. Choose a news worthy topic

If you are thinking about writing a press release, then think about the topic first. The press release isn’t just a promotional piece of content. It is meant to share a piece of news, a highlight, something exciting happening in your business to the world. You just can’t write about anything and expect people to read. The press release has to be newsworthy.

It could be a new hiring, a new product, a new service, a discount offer, a loyalty program for returning customers. Anything that seems interesting and news can be shared as a press release.

3. Hire a pro press release writer

If you haven’t written a press release before or don’t know journalistic writing, consider hiring a professional press release writer. Writing for journalists, existing client base, potential customers, or investors takes years of studying and understanding of basic requirements of journalistic writing and SEO.

A press release generally covers the news, your objectives, and the five Ws along with the proper grammar, styling, and spacing.

4. Know your industry and audience

Writing for your audience is important. A bit of research on the industry jargon, keywords, audience demography can help you go a long way toward achieving your distribution goals.

For example, if your press release lacks focus and the information is scattered throughout the copy, it won’t do much to help you convey the message. Understand your industry and audience before you write your news release.

5. Be clear about objectives

Press release distribution isn’t a hit-and-run case. You have to be very focused on the objectives you want to achieve. Clearly mention your website URL if you want people to visit your page. If you want readers to email you or call you, don’t forget to mention your email id or phone number.

Remember you are reaching out and distributing a press release to make people take some action. However, there are a few benefits like brand awareness, backlinks generation that comes integrated with any PR distribution strategy.

6. Craft an interesting pitch

The most challenging part of press release distribution is to get heard by journalists or media outlets. They probably get hundreds of press releases every week. Reading every email or news release isn’t practical most of the time. The best way is to inspire journalists to click on your email through the subject line.

This could be far easier if you hire a press release distribution service, as usual, they work with these journalists in partnership. This helps your news release to get through the filtration process and journalists to get a piece of genuine news.

7. Use quality distribution channels

Unfortunately, quality distribution doesn’t come cheap. While there are a few high-quality yet affordable press release distribution services out there, it still costs money.

The alternate is to purchase the list of media contact databases or media outlets to reach out directly. This may take lots of patience and time as journalists aren’t usually quick to reply. But this would save you from the distribution cost.

PR Distribution™ is the leading global press release distribution service that offers quite flexible yet cheap PR distribution pricing and packages. The good thing is that you can even choose the one PR to test the water. If everything goes well, you can place a larger number of placements or press releases.