7 Essential Ingredients for a Real Estate Press Release Distribution

Press Release Distribution

Real estate press release distribution has emerged as one of the best tools to create brand awareness and extended outreach, but many are still finding it hard to generate tangible results. 

There could be many strategies to work with media and influencers, but only a few can be useful to create business opportunities for real estate professionals. Real estate press release distribution can fast track internet visibility and sales lead generation by attracting the right set of audiences. 

Unfortunately, many real estate professionals fail to understand the important elements of successful real estate press release distribution. Some just don’t know how to write the news release while others get frustrated at getting little to no response from journalists. 

How to get your press release noticed?

So, here are the core ingredients to consider when writing and distributing your real estate press. 

1. It should be newsworthy

In old days, the press release was the simplest way to reach out to newspapers and magazines, but you can contact bloggers, news portals, forums, or other digital outlets to help you distribute your story. The only thing that matters for journalists is the importance or newsworthiness of the story. 

So, what is news in the real estate industry? 

It could be a real estate investment opportunity, new hiring in your company, a professional real-estate deal, a community involvement event, an open-house event, a partnership or collaboration, or a real house market price update. 

Anything that could spark the interest in the readers and make them want to know more about the news or your business can be the topic of your press release. 

2. Make it engaging

Let’s face it. Press releases are usually dull to read. Press releases are usually written for a specific audience in mind but adding too much formal presentation or technical jargon can make it boring.

To make it more presentable and readable, give it a human touch. You can include quotes, short stories, or simple facts to support your story. It’s the job of a press release writer to craft a newsworthy press release that connects and engages the audience.  

3. Make your story stand out

After you are done with the final draft of the press release you should ask yourself this simple question: “ what makes it unique from other press releases out there?” Of course, your story is different, but remember that’s not enough. Everyone is doing unique things these days. 

Let’s say, you want to introduce a high-profile real estate listing to the community. It can be hard to make the audience take some action just by reading the news release. To make it stand out from other real estate press releases, try to add images or videos of the place you are promoting. 

According to statistics, people tend to click more on the listings with videos. Having something visual in front of them can be great to catch their attention. 

4. Don’t forget contact information

Make sure that you provide the readers with all the necessary information to reach out to you. How else do you expect to generate leads if they don’t know where to find you. 

You can include your website, social media profiles, phone number, email, or anything you think is great for an immediate and hassle-free connection. Give them every option to access you. 

You may not get thousands of customers for thousand placements but you will see a significant increase in your online following, website hits, and SEO ranking. Just think about leaving your contact information to thousands of people with just one press release. So, they can find you whenever they need you. 

5. Craft press release for search engines

Over the years, real estate professionals have realized the effectiveness of content marketing and press release distribution. To make your real estate press release visible on the internet, it is important that you add relevant keywords in the heading, first paragraph, and throughout the content. 

Learn about SEO before writing a press release or hire a professional press release writer to craft your news release for maximum impact. 

6. Reach out with consistency

Getting more media coverage helps a real estate professional to build more credibility in the industry. The only problem, however, is not to look too spammy or desperate. 

Nobody likes to receive spam emails. If you keep sending journalists emails for coverage, they might get annoyed and block you from communication. 

The solution is to hire a PR agency. They usually have built a good relationship with media outlets, editors, and journalists, and know how to reach out to them. 

7. Make the audience take action

Nothing could get worse if a potential client read your press release, find it interesting, yet leave without taking any action. 

A real estate press can be a highly valuable tool with the right call-to-action strategy. You can direct them to visit your website, click on the pricing page, signup for an event, or pick the phone and call you.  

It’s your job to make the most out of the story or news you are sharing. Adding a call-to-action is just a way to capitalize the attention you earned through press release distribution. 


The real estate industry is huge and saturated with sales ads. A press release just makes it easier for potential clients and investors to find you online. Hope all the tips I mentioned above helps you make a great impact in the industry while helping others.