7 Benefits of Using Press Release Distribution For Small Business

press release distribution

Press release distribution is one of the trusted ways to promote websites, new changes in the company to get instant exposure for any business or website. This is an affordable way to reach out to the right audience and get your message in front of them.

The biggest challenge about press release distribution is to get noticed by the audience as there are many press releases publish every week. In this article, we will explore why it is important to invest your energy and money into press release distribution.

Instant Visibility

As a new business, you might not have a huge audience or support from media outlets, and it’s important to extend your exposure as early as possible. The press release is a great way to acquire that initial traction to your business, so people know who you are and what services or products you have to offer. PR is really useful when you have limited resources, and you are looking for credibility through journalists’ endorsements.


As a new business owner, you might not have enough resources, or you might want to try marketing strategies with low risk. The great thing about press release distribution is that they are extremely cost-effective. You can keep your budget or PR placements to a minimum with the right press release distribution service provider. The overall expense of press release writing or distribution is much cheaper than any other form of traditional advertising strategy.

New Sales Leads

Other than helping your business with instant exposure for a minimal fee, press release distribution can also help your business generate new sales leads. This isn’t a guaranteed benefit but it can definitely happen if you have positioned your business, products, or services aligned with the needs and interests of the potential customers.

SEO Advantage

Press release distribution is a valuable way to increase the search engine ranking of your website. Whenever a journalist, blogger, or media outlet writes about your website or business highlight, you get a powerful bank link to your website which further boosts your websites’ SEO profile.

This will slowly increase your website’s placement in the search engine result pages and help to drive organic traffic to your product or sales page. To achieve SEO results, you must place the related keywords in the title and content of the news release. You can achieve the maximum benefits by hiring a professional press release writer who is well-equipped with SEO and journalistic writing skill.

Increase Web Traffic

The main purpose of press release distribution is to let people know about your website or business. The press release can be helpful to get niche-related traffic to your website that can lead to new sales. Before you decide to publish the news release, you must be clear about the final goal behind the whole execution.

You can make people visit your home page, your sales page, or contact page by listing the URL in the press release. The quality and quantity of traffic your website receives from a single press release depends on the type of placements you select to syndicate the news release.

Build Authenticity

Unfortunately, when you are starting, or a small setup, not many people or journalists know or care about what you have to say. Getting recognized from a renewed publication speaks about the authenticity of your business. Businesses that use press releases on regular basis are 3 times more likely to build creditably and gain a loyal customer base.  Brand awareness and reputation also increases by the use of press releases because they essentially bridge the gap between business and customers.

Getting Edge over Competitors

A good press release distribution campaign ultimately offers the benefits mentioned above for your business. This also gives you an edge over competitors who are probably not doing enough in terms of PR marketing. The fact that your brand is recognized by publications speaks volumes about the quality of your products and marketing strategy.

How your business is perceived by others can make or break your profit. With a press release, you can increase the number of loyal customers who rely heavily on the reviews or recommendations by experts before making a purchase decision.