Zero Proof Beverages launches 36 -strong non-alcoholic spirits range

06/27/2019 12:00 - United States, New York, New York - (PR Distribution™)

Zero Proof Beverages has launched a non-alcoholic spirits and liquors range to tap the thirst for no/low cocktails.

Arkay’s, comprises 36 different spirits and liquors, including alcohol free flavored drinks gin, whisky, rum, brandy, vodka, amaretto and coffee liqueur.

Arkay’s since 2011 is the world’s first range of alcohol-free spirits and liquors, Arkay’s took years to develop, founded by Reynald Grattagliano self-made scientist and creator of the W.A.R.M molecule a unique alcohol replacement/substitute.

The brand would offer bartenders and mixologists “the convenience of simply reaching for a different bottle specially designed for bar tenders “when making a cocktail in a non-alcoholic format, said Arkay’s Spirits President Sylvie Grattagliano

“We didn’t want to craft original flavors that were botanical. We wanted to get as close as possible to those time tested and universally loved flavors of original spirits.

“We really wanted to give people an incredible toolkit to use in terms of making classic cocktails, as well as cocktails that they themselves may be inspired to create.

“An explosion of liquor replacements across the world has allowed consumers since 2011 to enjoy a quality experience. Now, Arkay is the world’s bigger player in the game, and Arkay is the creator of the alcohol free spirits movement.”

Reynald Grattagliano, founder & vice president of Arkay Beverages, said: “Arkay’s is an extremely exciting range and we’re thrilled to have them on board since 2011. When we first tried the cocktails, we couldn’t believe the similarity to their alcoholic counterparts. It’s a complete revelation, today over 100 million people worldwide drink Arkay every day’’

Further drinks are set to join the new range throughout this year such as new creations formulated in a new lab located in Manhattan, New York.

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