World's First 30-second Game Replay Capturing with Instant Sharing

06/20/2019 14:00 - KYOTO, JAPAN - (PR Distribution™)

Today Nota, the makers of the popular instant screenshot app Gyazo released Gyazo Replay, which introduces instant 30-second game replay sharing for the first time. Gyazo is one of the largest screen sharing services with over 25 million uploads per month and nearly 3.5 million people using it for games.

Now with Gyazo Replay people can capture surprising and elusive game moments after they happen and share them instantly. This means every fast-paced highlight, every surprising event, and every teachable moment can be reliably captured mid-game and shared to any app.

Share Surprising Game Moments

In a world’s first, Gyazo Replay makes it possible to share HD replays in the middle of a gaming session. Because all the steps are automated, players and streamers can capture replays without interrupting play and share whenever there is a few seconds of downtime, such as when waiting to respawn or between matches.

By enabling the capture of “What just happened?” moments Gyazo Replay lets people share things that might be missed or misunderstood, opening up a wide range of new content creation possibilities. Rare and special moments in the thick of the action can now be replayed for fun, for learning, and for promotion. It’s the perfect complement to every player and streamer’s setup.

Frictionless HD Replay Capturing

As a characteristic Gyazo “No-UI” feature, Gyazo Replay captures work without interrupting gameplay or blocking the screen at all. When the hotkeys are pressed the last 30 seconds on screen are uploaded to Gyazo as a 1080p HD high framerate video which is linked and ready-to-paste or share to any app. Gyazo Replay means less steps and more high quality game content. No complicated setup, no game interruption, and no file management. The Gyazo Replay announcement blog post contains details and how to use it step-by-step.

“Gyazo Replay is a major step on our path to delighting the millions of people who use Gyazo for games. Actually we the Gyazo developers are gamers and streamers as well so I'm thrilled about this release.” said Hiroki Akiyama, Nota’s vice president of Engineering. “I’m excited to see how much people will enjoy it as well as the back to back releases we have planned for the coming months.”

A Perfect Match for The Most Popular PC Games

From epic wins to dramatic fails, Gyazo Replays can be saved for review, shared as general updates, or used to promote on-going live streams. Since anyone can capture a replay without breaking focus for a second, it’s perfect for the most popular PC game genres such as multiplayer online battle arenas, battle royales, and first person shooters which demand constant focus.

Players, streamers, and fans now have the ability to easily share and watch the most exciting moments from their favorite games in all their favorite apps.

Replay is Available Now with Gyazo Pro

Gyazo Replay is available now with Gyazo Pro and a limited version of Gyazo Replay is planned for the Gyazo free service in the future.

Paid Gyazo Pro subscribers get unlimited history and collections, 60-second long GIF recording, creative editing options, and now Gyazo Replay. Gyazo Pro is an ideal service for people who love to quickly save and share moments from their favorite games.

About Nota & Gyazo

With the launch of Gyazo ten years ago the revolution of instant screenshot sharing began. At that time Nota was a small startup and today it leads the evolution of web communication with instant screen sharing app Gyazo and infinitely organized team knowledge base, Scrapbox.

Nota helps people capture their on-screen experiences, share know-how, and get better support. Every employee at Nota is committed to our mission to clear all barriers to human thought and communication.

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