WonderLogix Launches Expert User Certification Program

02/19/2019 09:00 - YOKNEAM, ISRAEL - (PR Distribution™)

WonderLogix, the leading innovator of industrial automation systems design, launched its first Expert User Certification Program this year. The online program is designed to train selected users to become influencers in the growing WonderLogix community. With minimal promotion, the program attracted global interest, with more than 160 applicants representing every continent on the globe attending the introductory webinar. Following a selection process, the top 10% of all applicants were accepted into the commercial program, which will be offered multiple times a year.

“WonderLogix takes away the hurdle of learning any of the standard PLC Programming languages. It gives you a simple interface to build your system, without requiring your system to be simple” said Alex Marcy, President, Corso Systems. 

“We are excited to see such an enthusiastic response to the Expert User Certification Program” said Gonen Ziv, CEO of WonderLogix. “Our goal is to create a global ecosystem of WonderLogix users that will be able to design and commission industrial control systems significantly faster than any existing method, in a visual and intuitive manner”. 

Program participants will become certified WonderLogix experts and will play key roles in the expanding WonderLogix community. These pioneering users will be the first to receive, test and give feedback on new features in industrial control and automation.  In addition to fostering collaboration around improvements and increased ability to scale, WonderLogix’s customers can expect better engagement and benefit from the power of the collective, providing a faster path to success. 

Ammar Al-Naseri,Design Engineer, Fuji Electric, one of the course participants, added “WonderLogix is the future of the automation industry. It’s going to have a big impact on the traditional Implementation of the Programmable Logic Controller by removing complexity and reducing project times for customers, regardless if they have a background in conventional ladder logic programming or not”. 

About WonderLogix

WonderLogix is disrupting the world of industrial automation. Using our patented technology, anyone can design and program control systems, in plain English—no coding required. With WonderLogix, clients get to market three times faster. Our clients come from a range of market segments, including water treatment, energy, biotech and food & beverage. To learn more about WonderLogix, please visit our website or watch our short video.  

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