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2019-02-08 11:46:49 - SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY - (PR Distribution™)

How does the first ever women’s team to compete for the America’s Cup, break through the man-made barriers that have hindered women’s progress for ages?  

Mighty Mary tells the story of the people and events leading up to the America’s Cup of 1995.The story uncovers struggles the women’s team endured to compete at the highest level of sport while exposing the additional challenges of bias, discrimination and contempt the men had for them competing in their domain.Mighty Mary portrays the complex lives and rich experiences of numerous characters as it takes you on a journey through drama, mystery, humor and love leading to the triumph of human endeavor.

The author, Tony Scaringe, a New York native, is the father of four girls and Papa to nine grandchildren.  He lives with his wife of 44 years in the small upstate Town of Wilton.

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