WHO IS YOUR NEIGHBOR? Indie Film Second Samuel invites conversations we all need to have

06/25/2020 18:00 - United States, Alabama, Dothan - (PR Distribution™)

Dothan AL; July 25, 2020- Second Samuel, an award-winning independent film that gently opens the door wide to conversations about timely topics like racism, gender identity bias and mental health stigma, will be available for rental or purchase on all major cable, satellite and digital providers across the US on July 1, 2020. Providers include iTunes, Google Play, Comcast, Charter Communications, Cox Cable, AT&T U-verse, Dish Network, Direct TV, Fandango, Vudu and more. The film reunites Selma actors E Roger Mitchell, Stan Houston and Clay Chappell, and features Bethany Anne Lind (Ozark; Blood on Her Name) and Clifton Truman Daniel as his grandfather, President Harry S Truman.

Often funny and always thought provoking, the movie is set in 1949 in the sleepy, fictional town of Second Samuel, Georgia. The story is told by Bernard Flat, an autistic young man who develops a pen-pal correspondence with President Harry Truman. The death of a beloved piano teacher and the secrets that her death reveal leave the entire town reeling and wondering “Who is my neighbor?” and what that means to their own identities as individuals and as a community. The questions the people of Second Samuel face are no different than the ones we face today: Does being different mean being less? Should a good person be condemned because they aren’t who (or what) you thought they were? And, doesn’t everybody have a secret?

First time filmmaker J Wayne Patterson Jr wanted input and perspective from diverse viewpoints and experiences in bringing the story to the screen, so he sought script review and guidance from both GLAAD and the Dove Christian Foundation. (The film holds the Dove Seal of Approval (12+).)  Patterson assembled a production team and cast from all walks of life and says, “As the son of an evangelical minister, my journey began with understanding my own belief system and biases, as I saw our story through the eyes of those who lived with the injustices we hope to address.”

“Second Samuel brilliantly exposes…how easily we turn on each other when we are offended, how quickly we condemn instead of listening…This film is fresh, exciting and captivating. It’s the spark that will light a thousand conversations and…touch even more hearts.” DOVE.org

“This is a film…that my family…could literally watch in their South Texas church and discuss together. And I’m confident that if they did, they would find it much easier to relate to me on a human level afterward.” Scott Schofield, GLAAD Media Institute

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