Want A Less Toxic Internet? Spectrum Labs Invites Companies To Pledge 1% More For Trust & Safety

02/11/2020 09:00 - United States, California, San Francisco - (PR Distribution™)

Safer Internet Day is great — but let’s talk about sh*tty behavior and making the Internet better for everyone — all year and beyond

“Today is Safer Internet Day. We are inviting online platforms and communities of all sizes to commit to returning the Internet to a place of healthy connection, free from hate speech, harassment, predators and trolls all year long -- beyond just the hashtags of a single day,” said Justin Davis, CEO and Co-Founder of Spectrum Labs. 

“We may have created truly effective technology at my company, but we’re just one part of the equation. We can’t do it alone. So today we are announcing a multi-tiered effort to better understand what’s happening on online platforms, and asking our peers, partners and users to join us.”

As part of its Safer Internet Day pledge, Spectrum Labs is inviting: 

  • Trust & Safety professionals to participate in a survey for Spectrum Lab’s inaugural State of Trust & Safety report;
  • Users, moderators, and Trust & Safety leaders to help show what online toxicity really looks like — by sending in the sh*tty things they’ve received online, on any platform. Spectrum Labs will compile those images (redacted on request, and kept anonymous) and incorporate them into their State of Trust & Safety Report and share them with media, regulators and municipal, state and federal officials.

Davis added,“In today’s environment, companies have to emphasize growth — which we understand completely. But we believe that a healthier, safer platform actually leads to better growth, engagement and retention. With this pledge, we’re simply drawing a line under that, asking companies to step up their investment in trust and safety by as little as one percent, but preferably more.”

To sign the pledge, visit https://www.getspectrum.io/trust-and-safety-pledge.

To take the Trust & Safety Professionals Survey, visit https://forms.gle/kYvhErgYJaN1VFQv6.

To take the online user survey, visit: https://forms.gle/V31RW9mkZsVDuAFGA.

Send screenshots of terrible behavior online to: saferinternet@getspectrum.io

About Spectrum Labs:

Founded in 2016, Spectrum Labs’ Contextual AI platform helps online communities recognize and respond to toxic behaviors — like radicalization, sexual grooming, harassment and cyberbullying — in real time, across languages, platform and content types. Spectrum is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit: getspectrum.io

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