Verity Int Ltd. helps Farmers | $15B from Whitehouse to Aid U.S. Farmers

05/28/2019 01:00 - United States, Wyoming, Cheyenne - (PR Distribution™)

President Donald Trump announces a U.S. Department of Agriculture $15 Billion Aid package for American Farmers.

Verity is Helping Farmers

50% discount on our Audit and Monthly Certification and Verification Services for all U.S. Farmers affected by the U.S.Tariff of Chinese Goods and the boycotting of U.S. Goods from China for retaliation of Tariff.


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Verity International Ltd. is the leading objective, independent, third-party non-government organization (NGO) working with national and local governments as well as trade organizations to establish clear consistent of the country of origin labeling (COOL) standards and compliant with the World Trade Organization (WTO) labeling standards.

Our technology and advanced systems (API) infrastructure is the go-to global database for product information, marketing claim validation, and supply blockchain repository.

Our Verity Seals demonstrate trust to consumers by validating that the health, religious, country of origin, and supply chain marketing claims on products they are purchasing from producers are genuinely true.


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