Veritas Global Protection Addresses US Unemployment Rate Helping Citizens Find Jobs

2020-06-16 11:12:21 - - (PR Distribution™)

In the ten weeks since the Covid-19 pandemic began, over 40 million Americans have filed for unemployment, this is the highest level of unemployment since the Great Depression. This staggering rate of unemployment has wiped out all the employment gains that were made in the last decade and pushed many American families to the brink of bankruptcy. Millions of Americans are now lining up at food banks waiting for government help.

Nearly every industry has been affected by layoffs but the most affected sectors are tourism, entertainment, travel, and dining. The worst-hit sector is the airline industry. With countries closing their borders, banning flights, and declaring lockdowns, thousands of planes have remained grounded on airport grounds yet they still have to be maintained. Some airlines including Virgin Australia have already folded resulting in massive job losses. 

Most people who work in the dining and entertainment industries have been left jobless because no one is eating out or visiting entertainment facilities because of fear of the coronavirus. The number of people taking vacations has plummeted leading many hotels to close temporarily with hotel employees being sent on forced leave or sacked.

 The sports sector has been hit hard by Covid-19. This industry employs millions of people but most of them are currently without jobs because the major sporting events have been suspended including the English Premier League and the NBA. Major sporting events are unlikely to return until the coronavirus is contained but some leagues are considering resuming games without fans. Suspension of sports does not only affect people working in the sporting industry because this industry supports other industries including media and advertising.

How Do You Handle Car Repairs during the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Many Americans are struggling to pay for car repairs because of the financial challenges associated with this pandemic. The Covid-19 outbreak is causing widespread economic hardship and many people cannot afford to service their car loans let alone pay for repairs.

Because of the stay at home orders, you might find yourself driving less and decide to mothball your car. However, leaving your car parked for long can affect the reliability and safety of your vehicle. Even if you decide not to drive your car during this period, there are common trouble spots that you are likely to encounter including pests, paint, battery, fluids, brakes, and tires.

Brake rotors can begin rusting when left unused for long and your car's battery will discharge over time. During this pandemic period when you are not using your car, the separation of fuel can cause water vapor to accumulate in your gas tank.  If your car is parked outside, the vehicle's paint will be damaged over time because of exposure to the elements and pests can chew belts and wires.

Car repair is something that you will need even during the lockdown.  You also have to maintain your vehicle even if it is not in use.

How do You Fund Car Repairs?

You will need to pay for car repairs using your own money if you don't have an extended car warranty. That will be burdensome considering the current economic situation. Of course, you can ask: what about my car insurance? This will not help you.

There is a difference between car insurance and a car warranty. Insurance only covers you against the risks of an accident including liability and property loss; it will not cover regular repair and maintenance. The original car warranty covers manufacturer's defects for mostly one year. An extended car warranty is what will cover your regular repairs and maintenance. You should consider the following top extended car warranty companies listed below:

1. Veritas Global Protection of Florida

2. Endurance Warranty

3. Car Shield

4. Concord Auto Protect

5. Protect my Car

6. Omega Auto Care

7. Complete Car Warranty

8. Delta Auto Protect

Having auto insurance is not enough. You also need an extended car warranty. This will give you peace of mind that all your vehicle repair expenses will be fully covered.

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