Venezuelan Band ZETA Comes To The U.S Bringing A Unique Sound And Cultural Enrichment That America Has Never Seen

01/24/2019 11:00 - MIAMI, FL - (PR Distribution™)

The Band ZETA has been on a non-stop two-year tour across America sharing their unparalleled performance and positive messages throughout the artistic community. In 2018 they completed a full U.S tour where they played shows in all 50 states. What people love most about Zeta is the totally unique sound they introduce to American audiences. Many people describe their live shows as a transformative experience like nothing they’ve ever seen. They have been living together in a van, playing their music everywhere possible, and following their dream of sharing their music’s message of motivation and forward momentum to communities.

A large part of what makes the band so special is one of the founding members Daniel Eduardo Hernandez Saud. Daniel created Zeta with his best friend Juanchi Juan Yilo 16 years ago in their home in Venezuela. Daniel adds irreplaceable creative contributions which makes him an integral piece of the band. The Zeta is a one of a kind talent whose sound is defined by Dani’s passionate guitar playing and the years of tireless work he put into creating it as a founding member. There’s nothing you can quantify or isolate as a specific reason why he’s a necessity to the band. He IS the band. His DNA is woven into the fabric of The Zeta and the two are inseparable.

“Zeta is an unbelievably hard-working band that Dani is a vital member of.” Says Ryan Hunter, a longtime fan of Zeta. “The band will not make sense without him as he brings a lot of the cultural aspects of the band out by playing unusual percussion elements for the style.”

“No band has made such an impression on our country’s music in a long time as long as the band that Dani has helped start, he’s an integral part of this fantastic group that has captured and taught so much to their fans in this country.” Says Ryan Carney.

Two years ago they left Venezuela and traveled to the United States in order to pursue their passion for sharing their music with as many people as possible. Because Zeta is a group of professional musicians, all of the members applied for work visas, and was certified to legally continue their careers in the United States. Through extensive touring, it became clear that in order to pursue their work here and continue to perform for their growing North American fanbase, they needed to apply for residency. 

After several months of waiting, Juanchi and the other band members were approved. Unfortunately, Daniels application was denied. He appealed and was again denied. He has been told that although the agency recognizes Zeta’s national and international acclaim, there is no evidence to support his essential role as a band member. He is now forced to leave the country or appeal within a week. 

In efforts to make one final appeal, they are seeking support from their fanbase to get the word out about the situation. They created a petition and within 15 hours received 5,000 signatures and hundreds of shares and comments made by people who truly believe in the importance of Daniels contribution to the band. 

If you would like further information on Zeta and Daniel, please contact Daniel Eduardo Hernandez Saud at (305) 417-1544, or email danidebuto@gmail.com

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