U.S. Business Lending Welcomes Gretchen Jensen as their New Company Spokesperson

2019-02-11 13:45:22 - MELBOURNE FL - (PR Distribution™)

U.S. Business Lending recently welcomed Gretchen Jensen as their new company spokesperson. Gretchen is a former Miss USA, 2nd Runner Up to Miss Universe, ESPN Correspondent and ABC Color Analyst. She will be responsible for keeping the public updated on important company information and setting up public appearances. 

“We are pleased to welcome Gretchen to U.S. Business Lending,” saysScott Clymo,CEO.“We’re excited to work with a passionate and talented person who’d help us take the company to new heights,” Headds. 

U.S. Business Lending offers business cash advances and business loans to entrepreneurs in the U.S. who need extra funds for their projects. The company’s new lending program also provides merchant cash advances and business loans to disabled business owners, veterans, women and people of color regardless of their credit score. U.S. Business Lending requires no minimum credit score and implements very basic criteria to qualify applicants. They can loan businesses cash that don’t process credit cards, secure funds within 24 hours and fund up to $3,000,000 regardless of credit and with no collateral. U.S. Business Lending also offers some of most competitive rates in the industry for term loans. Interested merchants can borrow any amount they qualify for, from a few thousand dollars to three million dollars. The company’s loan programs create instant working capital for businesses without the obligation of a long-term monthly payment. Their easy approval process also allows businesses to get the funds they need quickly. 

U.S. Business Lending’s half-page application gives businesses access to quick funding, allowing them to take advantage of new opportunities in real-time by maintaining their working capital and increasing their cash flow. The company’s average funding time is 48 hours, but they fund same day with the applicant’s cooperation. Their application for merchant cash advances or loans can be pre-approved in less than 90 seconds and without any credit check. U.S. Business Lending accepts all kinds of applicants. They provide funding for all types of businesses with no restrictions in all 50 states, Canada and PR and without any exceptions. Even those that have been in business for less than a year can be approved. As long as the applicant meets the company’s basic requirements, they can get the funding they need regardless of their personal credit. 

Independent sales organizations (ISO) can also send U.S. Business Lending their clients, so they can offer business loans. Interested ISO’s can get more information or sign up at isosignup.com. The company only requires $4,000 in monthly deposit volume. U.S. Business Lending can also fund defaults and open chapter 13 personal bankruptcies if not a sole proprietor. They can lend from $2,000 to $3 million regardless of credit. U.S. Business Lending also offers reverse consolidations and MCA consolidations. 

Gretchen’s addition to the team as a company spokesperson is expected to bring more positive changes to U.S. Business Lending and the way they disseminate information to the media and the public. 

About U.S. Business Lending

U.S. Business Lending offers business cash advances and business loans to entrepreneurs in the U.S. Most of the loans are pre-approved in minutes. U.S. Business Lending is owned by U.S. Business Holdings Group, Inc. and provides funding and capital programs for merchants with short time in business, business owners with bad credit history and businesses that do well, but cannot show it through financial statements. Through the company’s common sense evaluation process, they approve most loan applications that meet some basic criteria and secure funds for their projects. 

For more information, call 1-888-980-9757 or [email protected] 

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