Urban Outfitters (URBN) Adds MONQ Personal Aromatherapy Diffusers To Store Offerings

07/12/2019 12:00 - United States, Tennessee, Nashville-davidson - (PR Distribution™)

MONQ original personal aromatherapy diffusers are now available at select Urban Outfitters stores.

MONQ, LLC, a Nashville, Tenn. based aromatherapy and natural wellness company is excited to announce that its bestselling personal aromatherapy diffusers will now be available in select Urban Outfitters stores.

Beginning mid-summer, select Urban Outfitters stores in New York City, San Francisco and Santa Monica, Calif. will carry Zen, Ocean, and Sleepy original personal aromatherapy diffusers. 

“At Urban Outfitters, our customers are very savvy when it comes to the elements of wellness and self-care.  They’re always looking for the next best thing and we are always looking for unique items to bring to that customer’s personal assortment.  Aromatherapy has always been a wellness pillar, but recently we started noticing a very strong resurgence of aromatherapy across skincare, hair and makeup.  We absolutely love the way that MONQ has translated the benefits of aromatherapy, into a portable lifestyle experience! After recently launching the brand exclusively online, we had so much feedback from customers that we had to expand it to our select top locations.  We chose our favorite flavors and are excited for customers to find their aromatherapy soulmate, at those select locations,” said Harmony Boyer, Urban Outfitters associate buyer.

Since Spring 2019, the major retailer has featured MONQ’s favorite blends—Zen, Happy, Relieve, Ocean, Sleepy, and Vibrant—online at UrbanOutfitters.com. 

“This is a very exciting time for MONQ,” said CEO and Founder, Eric Fishman, M.D. “MONQ offers personal aromatherapy products to help consumers achieve a natural wellness lifestyle. To team up with a retailer like Urban Outfitters—and to be online and in stores—makes MONQ accessible and reinforces our mission to help consumers achieve their very best life.” 

MONQ offers a variety of personal aromatherapy products, including its unique Feel the Way You Want®, Feel Nature®, and FOCUS nootropics essential oil blends. Each blend is diffused via innovative, personal aromatherapy devices, including MONQ R—reusable and rechargeable devices.

MONQ hopes to soon offer products at all Urban Outfitters storefronts.

About MONQ

MONQ, LLC headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tenn. blends the ancient and modern—natural products with technology—to improve human lives and create natural remedies for a better you. 

Founded in 2014, by Eric Fishman, M.D., MONQ strives to guide others on their self-enrichment journey to live happier, healthier lives. This was born out of Dr. Fishman’s desire to move from helping just one patient at a time as an orthopedic surgeon to bringing natural health and wellness to many—anytime, anywhere. 

For more information about MONQ and its products, visit MONQ.com. 

If you would like to be a distributor of MONQ, please contact us at sales@monq.com.

Follow MONQ on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter: @mymonq; and Instagram: @monq.

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