Updated Hurricane Season Forecast Prompts Preparedness at Norwall PowerSystems

06/09/2020 12:00 - United States, Arizona, Lake Havasu City - (PR Distribution™)

Latest Forecast Includes 19 Named Storms and 4-5 Major Hurricanes

After three named storms in the record books for 2020, Norwall Advocates Early Hurricane Preparedness before the season begins to peak in August. The latest tropical outlook for the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season has coastal residents scrambling to prepare before a major hurricane takes aim on their home. 2020 arrives as the fifth consecutive above average season.

Two tropical storms formed before the official June 1 start of the 2020 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Arthur brushed by North Carolina with drenching rain and high surf conditions before turning east. A week later, Bertha made landfall in South Carolina with 50 MPH winds after dumping rain in Florida and Georgia. Tropical Storm Cristobal made landfall on the Louisiana coast seven days into the season with storm surge, flooding, power outages, and up to 16 inches in rain.

Travis LaVallie at Norwall said, “We have numerous articles and blog posts on hurricane and disaster preparedness: lists of supplies and emergency kits to build; links to important government websites; and backup power options. We typically ship in-stock generators within two days after receiving an order.”

High winds make the headlines. News articles give hourly updates on wind speeds and category and feature the familiar “cone” or track the storm may take. Storm surge and flooding are responsible for more deaths and property damage than all other factors combined, including wind.

Widespread power outages follow every hurricane and many tropical storms. Utility crews work around the clock. With millions of residents in the dark, it can days and even weeks before they restore power for everyone. Portable generators sell out in hours at home centers and hardware stores in advance of a hurricane.

A better emergency power option is an automatic standby generator. They run in any weather, including hurricanes and can power the entire home or business, or just the most critical circuits. The two most popular brands from Generac and Briggs and Stratton run on either natural gas or propane instead of refueling every few hours with hard-to-find gasoline.

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Norwall PowerSystems specializes in the sale of emergency backup power generators and outdoor power equipment. They stock 1000s of standby generators, portable generators, and generator accessories in multiple warehouses throughout the US for immediate shipment. Now in business over 23 years, Norwall has shipped a quarter-million generators.

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