Un Nouveau Jour sells Johnny Boy Reality Television Show back to original Hollywood Founder, Pat Andrew

09/26/2019 16:00 - Hong Kong S.A.R. - (PR Distribution™)

Un Nouveau Jour, a Chinese investment group, announced that they will be selling back the rights to Johnny Boy Reality Television Show to Hollywood producer, Pat Andrew. The company acquired Andrew’s television assets in a multi-million dollar deal in 2018 and Andrew was kept on as a creative consultant.

 A spokesperson for Un Nouveau Jour stated that it was very positive experience dealing with Mr Andrew and the assets acquired however, with regard to Johnny Boy Reality Television Show, there has been some conflict about the direction of the show as Mr Andrew felt that streaming was the future of television and the best sector in which to place the music reality television show whereas Un Nouveau Jour is commmited to a more traditional distribution model using worldwide distributors. 

Recently, an up and coming Spanish rock band, Tarifa Plana, requested specifically to team up with Mr Andrew via a streaming deal and this lead to Mr Andrew and his streaming partners buying back the asset.

According to Pat Andrew- “I have enjoyed working with Un Nouveau Jour but the only way I saw the music reality show working was by using Tarifa Plana and music icon, John Ravenhall, as the two leads and distributing the show through the top streaming service. I believe in the acts that we originally proposed for the show and I appreciate the fact that Un Noveau Jour acquired my assets several years ago but have agreed to sell this specific asset back to me having not been able to fit it into their traditional model”.  

Production will commence on the 1st of October in Los Angeles.  

Stefan Gerstmayer, a Director at Un Nouveau Jour, stated that he wished Mr Andrew and his partners the best of luck with the show and hoped it would be a tremendous success.  

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