Two More Seniors File Regulatory Complaints with Local, State & Federal Agencies against Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc. & Wyndham Sales Agents for Deceptive Trade Practices & Fraud

09/04/2019 14:30 - United States, Florida, Venice - (PR Distribution™)

Timeshare cancellation Attorney Susan Budowski has filed seven regulatory complaints on behalf of her clients, Kenneth and Priscilla Wolfe, alleging deceptive business practices and fraud by Wyndham Vacation Resorts, Inc., and Wyndham’s Sales Agents, Philip Deifel and Rosie Morales. The complaints are based on allegations made by the Wolfes in notarized, sworn affidavits. In their affidavits, the Wolfes allege not only fraud and deceptive trade practices, but also senior exploitation, involving the purchase of an upgraded contract. Attorney Budowski states, “What is even more bothersome in this case is that Mr. Wolfe was recovering from brain tumor surgery at the time, which Wyndham’s agents were aware of, and he did not have the mental capacity to enter into the new contract.”

Specifically, the Wolfes attest that Mr. Deifel called the Wolfes and stated that they should consolidate their contracts. Mrs. Wolfe informed Mr. Deifel of Mr. Wolfe’s condition.  Mrs. Wolfe eventually returned Mr. Deifel’s call regarding the consolidation and spoke with Ms. Morales.  The Wolfe’s state these agents made several false and misleading statements of which the Wolfes detrimentally relied on, and that the Wolfes believed the computer transaction was only to consolidate their two existing contracts. Instead, the transaction resulted in a new and more expensive membership contract. 

Attorney Budowski had provided Wyndham a letter containing the Wolfe’s allegations and requested a cancelation and refund of the contract. Attorney Budowski believed that was not an unreasonable request from long-term and faithful customers, especially under the circumstances. But Wyndham refused the request, resulting in the filing of the complaints.

Attorney Budowski also believes, based on her legal opinion, that Wyndham employees/agents violated Florida’s Consumer Protection Statute 501.2077 that pertains in part to violations involving senior citizens or disabled persons:

A person who is willfully using, or has willfully used, a method, act, or practice in violation of this part which victimizes or attempts to victimize a senior citizen or a person who has a disability is liable for a civil penalty of not more than $15,000 for each such violation if she or he knew or should have known that her or his conduct was unfair or deceptive

Fla. Stat. Ann. § 501.2077(2). Per Attorney Budowski, “A complaint was filed with the Attorney General of Florida Ashley Moody’s Office in May 2019. We are still awaiting a response. We remain hopeful the AG’s Office will not look kindly on this type of treatment of our senior citizens and take swift action to rectify this matter with the Wolfes, which may help prevent future transactions of this nature targeting our seniors.  The message needs to be loud and clear, that this type of exploitive behavior will not be tolerated in any industry.” 

About Attorney Budowski 

Susan Budowski is the leading timeshare attorney in the United States. Operating out of Florida, considered the timeshare capital of the world, Attorney Budowski has helped thousands of timeshare owners since converting her law practice to exclusively handle timeshare matters in 2010. Ms. Budowski has been selected for AVVO’s Client’s Choice Award 7 Years in a Row. 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013, and she was honored with the Guardian ad Litem Award of Excellence 2016, volunteering for abused and neglected children by the Orange County Bar Association.

She was admitted to the Florida Bar May of 2004 and was added to the Roles of the Law Society of England and Wales in August 2012 as an English Solicitor, allowing her to practice law in nearly 40 countries.


Attorney Budowski is also the Chairman & CEO of Hope City United, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit corporation to bring awareness and the eradication of human and sex trafficking.

Ms. Budowski previously worked at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley Virginia where she received multiple Exceptional Performance Awards from high-ranking members of the CIA, including former CIA Director Robert Gates, who also served as Secretary of Defense for both President Bush and President Obama.

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