Turf Feeding Systems is Focused on Growing Sustainable Mountain Landscapes

03/18/2019 14:00 - HOUSTON, TX - (PR Distribution™)

Turf Feeding Systems, a Texas company, is focused on growing sustainable healthy landscapes in the mountain resorts that use less water, fertilizer and no chemicals.

Mountain landscapes and estates are special home retreats for many in the beauty of the mountains of the western states. Their landscapes have short seasons and should be supported and maintained with the principles of sustainability, but most landscapers just throw on some fertilizer and turn up the irrigation. However, building plant and soil health together using natural nutrients is a better way.

Mountain landscapes rely on irrigation during the short growing season after the snow has gone and fertigation is an outstanding accessory for any irrigation system to apply plant and soil nutrients through irrigation.  Fertigation makes each drop of water lightly sweet with nutrients to grow the plant and soil. This can reduce water, fertilizer and chemicals by over 50%, while creating a healthy green landscape and promoting sustainability.

Soil health is the secret to growing healthy plants in the rocky soil in the mountains. Using fertigation to inoculate the soil with probiotic biology, mycorrhizal fungi and humates will start the soil engine and grow great roots. The soil engine is the biology growing and working in the soil to digest organic matter and convert it into nutrients for the plant. The soil engine feeds native fields and forests throughout the world naturally.

Michael Chaplinsky, the president of Turf Feeding Systems states, “All we need to do is support the plants and soil health naturally.  Construction and landscape maintenance damages the soil and few landscapers understand the importance of a healthy soil.   They spray chemicals to kill weeds and kill the soil. Fertigation is great tool to apply organic soil nutrients to rebuild the soil health to grow great plants that use less water, fertilizer and no chemicals.”

Michael concludes, “Our passion and mission is to promote sustainable practices growing plants, and we believe bringing nature and natural methods into irrigation and maintenance is the best way to grow great landscapes at any altitude in any soil.”


Michael Chaplinsky is the President/Founder of Turf Feeding Systems, one of the leading fertigation companies in the US. www.turffeeding.com

Turf Feeding Systems manufactures and markets fertigation systems around the world for golf, sports turf, landscape, horticulture and agriculture for over 30 years.

He is an expert in fertigation, irrigation, soils and water conservation.  He speaks at irrigation, landscape, golf and agriculture conferences around the world. 




He believes plant and soil health is the most important factor for growing plants and food in the world.  His passion is to restore and remediate damaged soils contaminated from over use of fertilizer and chemicals.

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Michael Chaplinsky -  mc@turffeeding.com  - 713-504-0750

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