Triad Electric Vehicles launches the Quantum Dual Rear Drive 3 wheel e scooter

2018-11-28 13:50:58 - BOCA RATON, FL - (PR Distribution™)

One of the most widely copied 3 wheel cross over electric scooter manufacturers just launched another state-of–the-art personal electric vehicle. The all new Quantum Dual, now part of Triad Electric Vehicles signature line. 

Triad Electric Vehicles, an Entrepreneur Magazine 360 Best Company, approaching on its 8-year anniversary in business introduces the latest advancement in personal electric vehicles. 

As the industry leading manufacturer of 3 wheel electric scooters for adults, Triad designs and engineers attractive, sporty electric scooters that are fun to drive. Using the most powerful 750W motors allowed without a license rated at continuous power provides constant performance. 

Other brands consistently copy the Triad designs to create phony look-a-likes and over-rate their performance by stating peak power claims in their specifications but they cannot achieve the speeds, distance or actual performance capabilities to compete. Peak power stresses motors, causes overheating, drains batteries faster and causes electrical shorts. 

To lower costs of production and increase profits there is a trend for most other manufacturers to use a lower wattage motor and rate their scooters with the “peak output” rating which on the average is 3 times higher the actual motor rating. It also helps these manufacturers to sell more scooters, which are typically purchased in large quantities from overseas and stocked in their warehouses alongside other brands of equal lesser quality. US Retailers buy these cheaper products, rebrand them and use these deceiving specification tactics to sell at the highest price and consumers are catching on. 

But will they ever compete with the Triad? Not likely, especially with Triad’s continued commitment to advancements like its latest 2019 model, the Quantum Dual

Triad, as an electric scooter manufacturer utilizes over 50 engineering improvements including the exclusive certified continuous power 750 Watt Motor since inception, automotive industry electric vehicle battery technology and now the dual rear wheel drive originally made possible in its new Quantum Dualmodel. 

The co-founder of Triad Electric Vehicles said, “When we innovated and designed the Triad there was really only one vehicle of our kind out there. We saw it while living in Hawaii my partner and I thought, this could be done so much better and after 2 years of meeting with engineers and factories to create our own business the Triad 750 was born. 3 wheel electric scooters weren’t a known at that time,” he continues, “we really had to build a marketplace because of the advancements made, especially with price point. People were purchasing these like toys from an airline-shopping catalog. With our improvements, we needed a competitive but higher price point in order to maintain our quality manufacturing standards. This class of scooter was being made for kids in Asia and being marketed towards adults in the USA but the quality just wasn’t there. So, as the direct manufacturer, we chose to implement modern automotive electric vehicle technologies and high-quality components to improve the value for customers. We started to customize each order to allow customers to personalize their vehicles for whatever application was required.”

The Triad 750 was an instant success rated as the highest quality, longest lasting, most powerful 3 wheel electric scooter for adults on the market. The company’s goal was to outlast and outperform any vehicle of this type, and it’s done just that until this day, and people love it. 

Now nearly 8 years later we are seeing the all-new Quantum Dual from Triad. This model champions all modern advancements, and satisfies more customer needs while still maintaining its coolness factor. But make no mistake, this dual rear drive is a powerful luxury cross over e scooter, and it’s a top of the line part of Triad’s new Signature Series. It’s a genius improvement that has been designed for the driver who may not be able to utilize standing up body mechanics to operate the vehicle. When seated, there is more traction by the motors being placed directly under the body weight of the driver, so the Quantum delivers more torque and eliminated front wheel spin. The inventor of the Triad said, “We kept getting customers who were challenged with these body mechanics so we listened and built a new model for them. We build for our customers. If it’s something they need, and we can do it, we spend the time and the money to work it out, because they need the Triad and we need them.” 

Triad isn’t a passing trend; it’s been nearly 10 years of research and development testing in the mountains and beaches of Hawaii and throughout the world on 6 continents into deserts and wetlands. The company is honest in how they market and sell their vehicles and are educating consumers in the process. 

Triad Electric Vehicles currently designs and manufactures 3 wheel personal electric vehicles for adults, and is consistently dedicated to outperforming even their own latest models. To answer the question on everyone’s minds when they ask, “what’s next?” Triad answers. “The Quantum!” So try it… sit and glide. You will not be disappointed, and who knows, like many, you may add this one to your Triad collection.

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