Touch Trap introduces the world’s first patented tennis ball picker upper

2022-11-09 17:30:00 - Los Angeles, California, United States

Developed by tennis lovers for tennis lovers is Touch Trap, the one and only patented tennis ball picker upper in the world. The next best thing to happen to tennis, Touch Trap helps players pick up tennis balls without bending over.

CEO Daniel Orlov states that Touch Trap “will make the entire tennis experience more fun and relaxing when it comes to picking up balls! People may wonder why it’s better than using a leg to pick up the tennis ball, but I bet many people said the same when forks were invented and they stopped using their hands. Touch Trap is a game changer that makes tennis more enjoyable and will save your back from future injuries as well!”

Touch Trap helps tennis players of all ages and skill levels pick up tennis balls in the most enjoyable and easiest way ever. As an added benefit, it also protects their backs from future injuries.

With Touch Trap, players spend less time bending over to pick up balls and putting strain on their back. So tennis ball pickup won’t spoil the fun of the game. 

Easy to install and remove, Touch Trap has a two-piece construction. The durable rubber bottom expands to attach to the butt of a tennis racket. The second piece, the crown, has teeth to pick up tennis balls. It comes in one color, black, and one size that fits most tennis rackets.

Tested by tennis players, it can pick up thousands of tennis balls. Made from high-quality, durable materials, Touch Trap holds a tennis ball without dropping it. And it’s easy to remove the tennis ball when needed. 

Patent pending in the USA and other countries, Touch Trap saves people from current and future injuries and provides a fun, easy way to pick up tennis balls and enjoy the game. Bad habits are hard to remove, but Touch Trap helps players maintain better form.

Touch Trap is available on Indiegogo today at a Super Early Bird price of $[X] which is [X]% off the retail price of $[X]. They currently have 4,900 units for Early Bird backers and will be ready for additional production within 2 months.

About Touch Trap

Touch Trap was created by tennis enthusiasts Daniel Orlov and Zeev Orlov. Daniel is the CEO of Touch Trap. He’s a serial entrepreneur with a track record of many successful multi-million dollar businesses and over a decade of experience in PR, marketing, design, law, business management, and more. Zeev is the President of Touch Trap as well as a businessman, an architect, a designer, an engineer, and an inventor. He has over 40 years of experience in architecture and design.

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