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Businesses are always looking for ways of increasing their bottom line. One of the ways they can do this is by being more energy efficient. Not only do businesses have to  control their energy costs, they also have to control their energy usage. The average small to medium size business spends 19% of its annual budget on energy!

Bid On Energy helps in both areas. It makes energy suppliers compete for your business. Bid On Energy offers customers the advantage of receiving electricity and natural gas price quotes from multiple suppliers with terms customers love, because it lessens their per kilowatt price, lowering their annual energy spend.

Lighting a Business is expensive!

Office lighting can cost upwards of 30% monthly.

With our best pricing on LED lighting, retrofits will reduce the usage and overall lower your energy costs with LED Lights often in excess of 30%.

Lowering energy cost and energy usage with LED lighting is a smart bet for businesses looking to lower their energy costs.

Comparing suppliers prices and terms for of electricity and natural gas for your business is a intelligent way to approach saving money and increasing your businesses bottom line.

Business Electricity / LED Lighting

Call or email Bid On Energy's Energy Consultants.  We can help your business become more energy efficient today.

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