Thomas and Wan Announces New Website Launch Regarding IV errors and Tubing Misconnections

2019-04-18 14:54:22 - United States, Texas, Houston - (PR Distribution™)

Thomas & Wan, LLP announces the public awareness of its new Website

This  new website is aimed at increasing IV Tubing errors awareness to educate patients of their legal rights.

Houston, TX (DATE) Thomas & Wan LLP who are one of the most sought-after medical malpractice attorneys based in Texas, and experts in handling medical malpractice cases such as complications of childbirth, birth injuries, SSI disability, and misconnection errors in IV tubing, among others, are glad to publicly invite people that might be affected with IV error cases to visit their website is a website that contains very informative content relating to medical malpractices that are directly related to IV errors and tubing misconnections. Ideally, the website is platform to reach as many victims and affected patients and family members  in order to educate affected patients about their legal rights..

“Our goal with this interactive is to provide our visitors an easier way to understand everything related to errors in IV tubing in addition to what they are supposed to do or their next course of action should they find themselves on the receiving end of IV tubing error,” stated Ms. Thomas.

“Today, after months of dedication and hard work, we are pleased to let the public know of our initiative which is a website that offers informative content regarding  possible IV errors and tubing misconnections,” added Wan.

“We promise that we will be constantly updating our content with some of the most helpful information, news, articles, client successes in the Blogs section and company announcements,” saidMs. Thomas.

Cases of IV misconnection errors are on the increase, an aspect that has led to death or injury to patients. Sadly, there seems to be a lack of substantive information out there regarding what one can do in the event that he or she is a victim of IV misconnection. Luckily enough, is here to assist you with all the information and the next course of action to follow should you be a victim of IV misconnection error.

About Thomas & Wan, LLP

Thomas &Wan ( are experienced attorneys based in Houston, Texas whose specialty mainly lies in handling cases related to medical malpractice. Thomas and Wan are focused on patient safety and are in business to ensure that grossly negligent clinics, hospitals, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare providers take full responsibility for their medical malpractice.

Currently, their website (, offers general information regarding medical malpractice. However, the new website (, is solely dedicated towards offering insightful information relating to errors in IV misconnection in addition to the right course of action to take for those who fall victims to such errors.


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