The Wedding Pledge: Chicago based entrepreneur, Ram Chella Pledges 50% of his Wealth for ‘Teen & Youth empowerment’.

03/19/2020 08:00 - United States, Illinois, Chicago - (PR Distribution™)

Ram Chella is the CEO of Customerize Corp which is based out of 1871 Accelerator @ Chicago has pledged 50% of his wealth to ‘Teen & Youth Empowerment’. He married Humanitarian Activist Akila Selvaraj on Feb 29th, 2020. They followed a new wedding format called ‘Marriage by Virtue’ in contrast to a regular Indian wedding. Marriage by Virtue transcends all caste, social expectations, and marriage subversions so that what remains is an unadulterated bond, formed by the institution of marriage.

Armed with a vision to transform the system teens grow up in today, Ram Chella duly pledges half of his wealth to see his vision gain ground. Ram Chella opines that today's teens are born with information at their fingertips. But, the existing system is not designed with such ubiquitous information access in mind and isn’t placed so that teenagers are inspired and motivated. As a result, teenagers are unable to harness and perform at peak potential – they are very bogged down. This is what Ram Chella aspires to change. 

Ram Chella opined that on top of not letting teenagers blossom into their fullest potential, the system also burdens them with student loans as a gateway to their next phase of life. “I have seen teens suffer, and their entire life change because of the way the system has forced them to move ahead,” says Ram Chella. 

Hence, on this auspicious occasion of his marriage, Ram Chella is announcing the launch of ‘#teenforce’ - a system to give financial education & freedom to youngsters around the world. “I am pledging to give 50% of my wealth for this ‘teen & youth empowerment movement - #teenforce’ and make it a global phenomenon,” Ram Chella shares.

The #teenforce platform aims to create a ‘Skills development and Mentoring framework for teens. The platform is designed to enable adolescents with the skills required to do online jobs. It will also bring vetted online job opportunities by the government for teens to execute online and earn. Managing money, operating a bank account and developing a saving habit are a part of the program too; it has a bid to empower teens with the financial intellect that they can carry into their adult years. “My vision is to impart all teens with the infrastructure and skills required to be financially independent. I want to set it up in a way to make it last for the next few centuries to come.”

Hunger and difficulties in meeting basic living are the reason behind a lot of societal evil today. To resolve those scourges, sustainable financial freedom is required. To quote Lao Tzu, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." As far as Ram Chella is concerned, giving financial independence, especially to youngsters, will weed out a lot of problems in society and enable the world to achieve higher consciousness. And, his pledge of 50% of his wealth going to uplift teenagers and the #teenforce platform are the first steps to making his vision a palpable reality that lasts.

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