The Time is Now for Momentum Advertising

2021-08-20 15:46:25 - Sacramento, CA - (PR Distribution™)

Coming off an unprecedented 2018, Momentum Advertising has many reasons to be excited. Growing to 30 representatives, finishing with a strong leadership core and being one of the top offices for the majority of the year, Momentum Advertising finished the year living up to the company’s name. In addition to doing a great job in the greater Sacramento area, Momentum Advertising was also able to consult and assist other marketing companies across the country by allowing its top account managers free travel to other offices and provide expertise created by Momentum Advertising. Company president and CEO Curtis Bell believes “this helped in the development of two of our future partners, Lamar Pierce and Lisa Bayard.” Because of their great work, Pierce and Bayard earned an incredible all-expense paid trip to the Dominican Republic. On top of that, both representatives were instrumental in the launch of the company in one of the biggest retailers to break ground in the area. The end of the year set up Q1 Expansion in Eureka, CA, and also some expansion in Sacramento, CA. Bell was so impressed by the job Pierce did growing through the management program, that he offered him a partnership in the local area. Melinda Clark, another top representative in the organization in 2018, is expanding to Eureka, CA. Two people on track for assistant director are Lisa Bayard and Christopher Easter. Momentum Advertising isn’t stopping there, the short term goals are, expanding its clients and locations in Sacramento, dominating the mobility and smart home industries, as well as growth in San Jose. The company envisions partners Marlene Peters, Marcos Showers, Anthony Byers running that territory. For the rest of 2019, Momentum Advertising is on track to open five more offices to reach is a goal of having ten franchised offices, and continue to expand the new programs with future clients. More important the quest to continue to provide excellent career opportunities for our candidates from Interns, to the next entry-level Managers in training Is what the company thrives off. Momentum Advertising understands doubling the size of the organization, revenue, and headcount means creating job opportunities and giving back to the community. Speaking of giving back to the community, Momentum Advertising Cares is the company’s community outreach program. “We believe that giving back to the community is not only a goal but an obligation for anyone that considers themselves a "Leader." We want to do more with the boys and girls clubs of America, and other youth programs like we have in the past. Children are the future leaders of any community; we feel we can get involved more with education and youth Sports as well,” said Bell. “Also getting involved in a big way with the homeless in Sacramento is so important because sadly, this has become a growing tragedy both for people and animals in the area. Last but not least we want to show appreciation and give back to veterans and those who have served our country/community, is number one on our agenda, “said Bell. The president feels strongly that the rest of the year will produce we can have four assistant directors to take back to R&R late in the year. By that time Bell feels as though the Bay Area Offices would’ve doubled, and the Eureka, CA office will be rocking and rolling, and on the map for the first time in the program's history. Crushing our expectations is inevitable. Also expanding the presence Momentum Advertising has in several of the company’s franchised markets with clients, getting involved with multiple services and the leader in the shared transportation industry is a must. Bell is on a vital mission to double the size of the Sacramento operation from a staff of 20 to 40 full-time positions. To aid in strengthening the job market. The company believes in enjoying the fruits of its labor. With team events planned like attending NBA playoff basketball Warrior games with its top representatives, and spending 4th of July with the Rivercats, and some cool trips to network in LA and San Diego its no wonder why Momentum Advertising is on the move.

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