The OpenSpace App is a Real Estate Game Changer

2020-06-10 11:17:29 - United States, Colorado, Denver - (PR Distribution™)

Launching in June 2020, OpenSpace is a smarter Real Estate app that will make other Real Estate apps obsolete. Buy - Sell - Rent - Fix, all in one place, on your smart device. No mask required. 

Gavin Smarter Technologies, Inc. (GSTi), a Denver-based company specializing in creating smarter technologies and more connected communities, is releasing a true industry disruptor with its OpenSpace App. This app provides complete control over the home buying and selling process without ever needing to meet with anyone in person - instead all transactions and communications are done from the app. This is especially beneficial in the age of social distancing. 

Benefits include:

  • Everything in one place - all communication and transactions with sellers, buyers, landlords and service providers
  • Access to an on-demand marketplace of thousands of homes for sale and rent that may not be listed by local MLS
  • All property purchase inquiries for listing agents will be exclusive
  • All listings will receive a direct cash offer via 
  • More transparency in the transaction process - full insights into the process with a central dashboard
  • Pre-qualified buyers – all prospective buyers must provide proof of funds or qualifying documents from a lender
  • Property marketing assistance – templates, guides and resources for FSBO
  • Gavin’s Big Give Back will ensure that a percentage from every transaction will be donated back to the community where the transaction occurred
  •  First true Vcomm platform for real estate

 After identifying the cumbersome way that real estate is transacted, the CEO and Founder of GSTi, August Alexander, decided it was time to simplify the process. GSTi's Platform is administered through Smarter Technology-Enabled hardware, seamlessly integrating with the lives of consumers and business users via interactive platforms. 

“We are creating sustainable lifestyle automation and a sustainable future by integrating with existing technologies,” said G Christopher Thaw, Senior Vice President. 

Real Estate professionals can register at Consumers can download the OpenSpace app on the site or at their favorite app store.


About Gavin Smarter Technologies, Inc. 

GSTi is a Denver based software application and smarter technology development company that specializes in the design, development and deployment of lifestyle automation technology solutions. These solutions feature user-friendly content management systems and mobile applications (IOS, Android, IoT & IFTTT) as well as commercial and residential smart technology hardware.

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