The First and Only Wireless Universal Accelerometer for Vibration Analysis

03/07/2019 14:00 - South Glens Falls, New York - (PR Distribution™)

Wireless Accelerometers..Changing the World of Vibration Analysis

Wireless Triaxial Accelerometers are here! Capable of sending 4 channels of data in real-time to your vibration analyzer and portable devices like tablets and cell phones. Combined with newly released software features from ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS this wireless technology allows customers to collect routes on a cellphone and share the analytical data via cloud services.

As technology evolves, Predictive maintenance tasks become easier, and  Vibration Analysis as we have known it is changing. Wireless systems are making our lives easier and more secure, giving engineers more freedom to solve complex problems without the need of bulky wired data collection systems.

Universal Wireless Accelerometer

The ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS team is extremely excited to announce the latest innovation in wireless vibration analysis. The WiSER 3X Universal 4 channel Triaxial Wireless Accelerometer is the only wireless accelerometer of its kind. Its full vibration analysis frequency diagnostic capability, and dynamic range establish the industry standard for wireless accelerometers.

Totally Portable...Totally Reliable...Totally Safe...Wireless....

The End of Proprietary Vibration Data

Following the ERBESSD strategy of making vibration analysis affordable, available, and accessible the WiSER 3X can be paired with ERBESSD’s Digivibe software suite which operates in an open SQL server environment, or with the use of the universal receiver any other vibration data collector on the market. This key differentiator is what will continue to establish ERBESSD as the market leader within the vibration analysis instrumentation market.

Michael Howard, Chief Executive Officer of ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS stated “The vibration analysis community has long awaited universal wireless accelerometer with full featured capabilities for vibration analysisNo longer do we need to unnecessarily put our people in harm’s way with cableswireless is the wave of the future and with WiSER 3X the future has arrived.”

Dr. Thierry Erbessd, Chief Scientist and Founder of ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS stated“Our Triaxial Wireless Accelerometer is a vibration sensor specially designed for vibration analysis with universal compatibility. In fact, WiSER 3X is a Wi-Fi accelerometer that sends 3 axis vibration data + 1 additional channel simultaneously to any data collector on the market.  Also, WiSER 3X is a wireless ultra-low noise accelerometer with 15 kHz bandwidth and up to One-Million Lines of Resolution that exceeds the characteristics of most conventional accelerometers and vibration data collectors.”

Multiple Wireless Accelerometer Options Available

Available in single-axisor tri-axialconfigurations the WiSER family of universal wireless accelerometers make on, and off-route based vibration analysis and in-situ dynamic balancing more convenient, more accurate, and most importantly safer by making reliable wireless connectivity a reality.

Erbessd Instruments – Masters of Machine Health

With facilities Merida and Mexico City, Mexico as well as Queensbury, New York, ERBESSD INSTRUMENTS develops the newest, cutting edge, cost effective, vibration analysis, dynamic balancing, wireless online monitoring, and laser alignment technologies with passion for integrity & our customers ultimate satisfaction.

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