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The only way to get out from under the disasters caused by the coronavirus is to test our way out so we can immediately return to normalcy again.  

Since it’s Pathogens are passed by contact, there is no other way, because it will keep expanding as more are infected and at the rate and direction of our leaders will take years to get under control.

We need to immediately set up an organization—the CORONA CORPS— whose sole intention is to defeat the virus and return our economic and social life to where it was before we started down this rabbit hole.

We can fund CORONA CORPS with $500 million to hire 100,000 currently unemployed at $5,000 for one month of service with two days of intense training to accomplish simple tasks for the immediate purpose of setting up Testing Centers in every Congressional District (435) in our country, which allows for equality. 

It will be set up like a cross between getting the voters to the polls in a primary election and a census, with canvassing door to door by the CORPS as well as providing assistance at the Testing Centers where logistics will be provide for by the military. To get the coverage necessary we would need 20 centers per district since each center can test at least 1000 people per day—with new machines allowing for speedier outcomes determining who is positive. With approximately 9 million people getting tested per day, it will take less than a month to achieve full coverage with those symptomatic going first, than the Elderly and then everyone else which would include those who are asymptomatic who will never be discovered unless the entire populace is tested.

When testing is complete the CORONA CORPS will be added to the workforce disinfecting premises and serving as assistants for healthcare workers leveraging their patient care.

If you test positive you will be quarantined for two weeks and when tested cured you can join those who tested negative going to disinfected places for work or socially that had been approved by the health department. Those who tested negative will be retested every month or when they request a test. So, all those who are cleared should be able to go back to work, and open businesses, churches and sporting events, provided those places are approved by the state for having procedures in place for continual disinfection of the premises along with a method to identify customers and workers who have been tested or cured, which each state will have to implement.

It’s a lot of planning and work, but the alternative is to remain where we are today which every day is making it harder to get back to where we were. There is no other way no matter who offers it.

Unfortunately, all the planning and actions taken by the federal and state government will never allow our country to return to normalcy unless everyone is tested and they have waited long enough.  They have already spent over $2,2 Trillion and we have not even reached our peak of infections yet, and that’s a lot of money and so is the $500 million that is a fraction of that Stimulus Bill, but could get us a solution instead of just a headline.

We need to focus on the problem and where our resources need to be spent.

I have been involved in major disasters before including Katrina and the Venezuelan disaster, but nothing like this. This is special but still requires the basics of common and business sense to achieve a successful conclusion that I and many others would volunteer to get it accomplished.

Joseph Carraro is a former New Mexico Senator, PhD; stockbroker; small businessman; graduate school professor; international business consultant; founder Project Share; Executive Committee member of the National Energy Council with Venezuela as an affiliate member. 

In 1999 Senator Carraro personally headed up the Venezuelan emergency disaster relief effort from the United States and received a commendation from President Chavez and the Congress. 

At the request of Carraro, President Chavez sent urgently needed gasoline to operate the locks stopping flood waters in New Orleans as well as other desperately needed supplies in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, with Carraro receiving a resolution in his honor from the Louisiana Legislature. He was recommended to be Ambassador to Venezuela in Bush and both Obama terms.

Carraro currently resides in New York City where he is involved in the production of his political play Conversations with an Average Joe.

Joseph Carraro


(505) 453-7822

CORONA CORPS is one of the solutions in the updated version of the play CONVERSATIONS WITH AN AVERAGE JOE—the opening being delayed due to the coronavirus


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