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CloutHub founder and social media expert Jeff Brain responds to the latest big tech hearings in Washington

Los Angeles, California/November 18, 2020 – CloutHub founder and social media expert Jeff Brain responded to big tech hearings in the Senate on Tuesday, arguing that American voters deserve more than just another round of empty excuses from corporate social media executives. 

“Social media giants have grossly mishandled the coverage of the 2020 presidential election” said Jeff Brain, the founder of CloutHub. “The American people have every right to ask questions about the legitimacy of the election process, and to highlight examples of voter fraud that they witnessed at polling places across the country. Regrettably, social media platforms chose the path of censorship – not truth,” he concluded.

Brain created CloutHub to safeguard free speech, promote open discourse, and empower users to connect with like-minded individuals who want to make a positive impact in their community. Unlike the legacy social media, CloutHub is also a results-oriented platform that facilitates civic and political engagement and brings people together instead of driving them apart. 

Sadly, traditional social media platforms refuse to offer these functions for their users – which has largely contributed to the ongoing public backlash and the loss of trust in big tech.

“Every person who wants to have a civil discussion about election fraud or any other topic should be welcome on social media,” Brain stressed. “The American people are not buying the endless flurry of excuses that social media executives are peddling in Washington.” 

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