SymSoil® Inc. Releases Revolutionary Grow Cubes

12/12/2019 15:00 - United States, California, Fairfield - (PR Distribution™)

The much anticipated Amazing Results Grow Cubes are being released for sale this week by SymSoil, Inc. The complete living Soil Food Web is in every single 1.5 inches of peat cube. 

The highly unique Grow Cubes may superficially look similar to other products. However, unlike anything currently on the market, each SymSoil Grow Cube hosts thousands of living beneficial microbes. These exclusive properties have never before been available as Grow Cubes to cultivators and gardeners as a primary growing medium for rooting cuttings, clone plants, and germination start seeds. 

Infused with SymSoil’s proprietary, patent-pending formula, the Amazing Results Grow Cubes deliver healthier plants that bloom larger, faster and with strong pathogen resistant immune systems.

SymSoil Amazing Results Grow Cubes are inoculated with several thousand species of beneficial soil microbes, including protozoa and nematodes, a wide variety of fungal species, and approximately 5,000 beneficial fungi spores that enhance nutrient availability. 

Not found in any other packaged medium, SymSoil Grow Cubes contain a number of Endomycorrhizal fungi species which serve as the coupling link to create vital root systems. SymSoil’s formula increases nitrogen and phosphorous availability also improving rooting times and vertical growth. For cannabis, it causes an increased breakdown of polyphenols dramatically enhancing terpene production and flavor profile.

SymSoil CEO Elizabeth Pearce says, “We are passionate about bringing this amazing product, in this packaging to market.  Cultivators will be thrilled with the results, and we are excited for them.”

Special release introductory pricing is available for a short time. Normally, priced at $2.50 per cube, for a limited time, consumers can get 6 cubes for $10.00. Visit www.symsoil.com/promo for information. 

About SymSoil® Inc.

A California “B (Benefit)-Corporation” SymSoil has the first patent-pending scalable solution to restore indigenous crop-specific and regional soil-specific microbes. Its premier Robust Compost significantly and cost efficiently increases nutrient density and crop yields. SymSoil®Inc. uses a collaborative approach with corporate, community, academic and public research partnerships in bringing its innovative products (Robust Compost), services (Best Practice Certifications) and consulting business streams to market. SymSoil was named one of 2019’s AgTech Companies to Watch. For more information contact: Jill Shestokas, at 312-804-3304.  Or www.SymSoil.com.

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